Surprise from Shanghai

November 23, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Life and its pleasures)

Got a unexpected Yahoo Messenger message from a female friend, Winnie from Shanghai today. We got to know each other online through Yahoo a few years back and used to hang out together during my stint there. She was an out of towner Chinese from Hubei working then as the marketing manager of Parker Pen.

Winnie spoke with an American accent, loved classical opera and could carry a tune well. She was always fun to be with, with her bubbly personality and love for the arts. She loved Italian opera so much she actually went to learn Italian and could carry a few lines in Italian. She was and still the only friend that i know so far that could carry a Whitney Houston tune.

We had a lot of fun catching touring performances like Cats, Madame Butterfly and Les Mis, singing kara and  simply yakking away. I like her view that the world was like an oyster waiting for her to exploit. Knowing how difficult for Chinese to leave China during that time, she was gutsy and not afraid of setting high goals in her life.

Her English and Italian was self taught and i was always amazed by her great capacity for learning. This is one lady who knew what she wanted in life and i was sure her ambition was matched by her talent and positive attitude of life. She single handedly had smashed away my stereotype of Chinese piao meis.

Although we spent a lot of time together and could connect well, romance was never in the air. I don’t know why but for the lack of a better word, she was more a “kaki” (buddy) than a prospective mate to me. I had not heard from her after i left China until this message arrived in my YM…

Winnie: Hei, How are you? Still looking for a life partner?

Seefei: Nope, i am married now. Why do you asked?

Winnie: How come you profile is still on in MSN match maker list?

Seefei: ……….. *don’t know what to say*



  1. velverse said,

    Ahh…. you notti hah…
    hehehee so tell us.. why still on match maker’s list?
    Wanna have bini kecik ar?

    4f: no such intention lah. a genuine overlook. a case of retired fisherman forgotten to remove his fish trap…. 🙂

  2. angel said,

    so, faster remove it or revise it! 😉

    4f: guess no taker lah. so far no proposal from anyone :-(. will take it down as soon as i figure out the id & pw.

  3. carcar said,

    so, have you got yrself the tix for Phantom of the Opera?
    coming soon!~

    4f: are you keen? phantom is one of my fave!

  4. wuching said,

    she looking for a try u lah!

    4f: winnie got a french bf now. it is just a courtesy call!

  5. may said,

    say lor, you’re looking around for a friend of yours, and you’re the first filter level… *wink!*

    4f: noti noti LMM! nice to see you here again. hope you had fully recovered! 🙂

  6. Cocka Doodle said,

    Pssst! can pass me her number ah?

    4f: passed you so many liao still not satisfied ha?

  7. ah leng said,

    you kinda of…not wanting to unscribe from the match-maker list not becos you wanna have another “go” but becos sometimes in your quite moments,you think you could pull through life by being single and just have a mate for companionship without getting certified – unattached to anyone or to just – “everything”.

    4f: never think of going alone in life. only regret is i can only share it with one life partner 😉

    thats my opinion only ,ho? (dont screw me,hehehe)

    4f: like you view too. think you will make an ideal partner to winnie. she is the type who doesnt wanna miss the wood for the tree!

  8. nyonyapenang said,

    a matter of ‘just in case’ izzzit? LOL

    4f: you mean part time spare lover? if caught by wife can die one hor!

  9. happysurfer said,

    It’s nice to keep in touch. These are the little things in life that make you smile. Thanks for sharing that, SF.

    4f: you are welcome!

  10. plink said,

    Ar? Hallo, Mrs. Pipit? You’ll never believe what I read today….
    But may mya excuse is the best one worr….

    4f: sshh…… not so looud!

  11. Leonard said,

    really a surprise hor…suprise until dunno how to answer the question…haha

    4f: leonard, tat is why dont be active with friendster, it will come back to haunt you sometime!

  12. Kenny Ng said,

    haha… not MBA (Married But Available) ah?

    4f: hahah… i am always available, as a fren and kopi kaki!

    Oh yah… my S’pore most probably postpone to Jan2007. Will contact when I’m there ok?

    4f: wuching will in town on 27 jan. if you can coincide will be good!

  13. maggielurva said,

    see fei,
    one of those rare occasions that you reveal about your liaison with women other than your wife… keep them coming, i am a sucker for scandals….

    4f: aiyah so many dont know where to start lah. will only mention those that our path crossed again. buy me a cup of starbuck latte and i will tell you more!

  14. ylchong said,

    I oso want to raed more of your “Cassablanca, or izzit Cassanova?:) side, like maggielurva. I don’t mean maggie is like that scandalous side, she’s the lust commenter who oso wants to read amore.

    4f: can, we do barter ok? you tell me some i tell you some? LOL

    I can use some of the dialogue for the poppycockwood blogbustier I’m working on — if become a Xmas heat, I’ll share 30%con with you; oso maggielover 2!:):)

    4f: can can, where do i start?

  15. me said,

    where got like that one? ownself expose the fact that you are still looking for a good time on the side. haiyah! the msn matchmaker not turning up good results, must advertise here somemore meh? kakakakak *runs away and hides behind missile-proof bomb shelter*

    4f: *sending one shelter busting missile over to ME*

  16. Immomsdaughter said,

    Looking for spare tyre izzit? Better spend your time on your projectlah ;P

    4f: not spare tire lah. just looking for guru to improve my project B technik LOL

  17. fantastflier said,

    Oooohh and old flame….

    4f: no flame lah, just another kaki. btw, when are you coming back?

  18. redsponge said,

    hmm i tot u were a female blogger from ur name. ‘x’!!!
    4f: tenkiu for dropping by! hope i didnt mislead you to fantasize yang bukan2! 🙂

  19. zara's mama said,

    Ahem.. I also think your YB wants to know “How come you profile is still on in MSN match maker list?”

    4f: ssh… have deleted it liao!

  20. Simple American said,

    I know how it goes. When you have a loving woman you don’t go back and check out those unimportant dating lists. 😉

    4f: give me five brudder! i cant imagine all those crazy things (on hind sight) that i did during my pre-marriage days! agree 100% with what you say!

  21. LM said,

    Its a lost opportunity! Shanghainese have moved up and many are even much weathier than us here in kiasuland.

    4f: LM, you familiar with the Shanghai scene? for a city of 13 million, we cant imagine its diversity without visiting it!

  22. ian said,

    OoOoOoOoOo…. Matchmaker har??? Nanti your missus pull ur ears… haahaa

    4f: i got more worrying thing from my missus than having my ears being pulled! 🙂

  23. HB said,

    Muz be looking for the occasional flig right? :p

    4f: nope. still prefer home cooked meals 🙂

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