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November 28, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Pics/Photography, Tag)

Tagged by lenglui velverse, here is my list of six similar colour but of different theme. I chose the colour of love that i find in my humble den…

hope you will enjoy this post as much as i, in doing it.

laundry… one of the chores that take up a lot of our time at home. the myriad of colour of the hanging shirts represent the different chores that we take pride in doing around our home. we sweat through these chores but we are not complaining…. cos it is a toil of love.

mummy’s world is always grey. she is illiterate and her only connection to the external world is the tv in her room. but her love for me and my late father is never short of colourful. although pushing 90, and ravaged by the wear and tear of time, she never lose her zeal for life. she still think of visiting my brother in hk and has no qualm doing air travel, and assist in bringing up our kid.

this quilt is mummy’s current handiwork. all the years of hard work had not blunt her dexterity with needle work. I had one of these quilts all through my years in univ when i was away from home. It is my only comfort against homesickness in a foreign land.

books are my constant companion through the thick and thin of life. i only keep the diy self-help and management books at home. for others like novel and fiction, will borrow from the national library. library@orchard is my favourite outlet and my only oasis when wife goes shopping at takashimaya.

had been keeping fish since i was young and this tank of tetras, guppies, glass fish and cat fish had been with me for 4 years. this aquarium is my weekend therapy when i do the water changing and rearrangement of the tank waterscape. i also keep some prawns in the tank as my assistant in cleaning up those hard to reach corners 🙂

we huff & puff trying… calling for our son…. cleaning up the house…. creating a condusive environment etc. now all we are waiting for is the emergence of a champion sperm!



  1. angel said,

    hou leng 🙂

    4F: TENKIU!

  2. may said,

    lovely, lovely!! very the good!

    4f: glad you like it!

  3. ah leng said,

    hope you dont forget to say a word of prayer before evrytime you pple huff & puff lah…it works

    4f: hahaha… speaking from personal experience? 🙂

  4. misti said,

    wah so impressive your skills, erm.. i mean photography skills lah. lol

    4f: TENKIU! beside photography, i do have a lot of skills – want me to show you! LOL

  5. Immomsdaughter said,

    I love this post, such a nice tribute to your mom. Kuai boy boy 😀
    Meantime, good luck to your huffing & puffing.

    4f: tenkiu for your wishes! hope your chinese calender method works!

  6. Maverick SM said,

    Wow, your collection of books are fantastic. Which management books are your favorites?

    4f: tenkiu for your compliment. actually i dont have any particular fav as mgt is always evolving. but having said that, the late peter drucker is my favourite management thinker. he coined the phrase “knowledge workers” long before the knowledge-based economy become a fad.

  7. Mick said,

    All the best in your endeavors of making a baby! 😀

    4f: tenkiu! how is work? still busy?

  8. happysurfer said,

    SF, this is such a sweet post especially the part about your mom.

    4f: tenkiu2…

    Management gurus are normally visionaries as they are too advanced for their time. J.M. Juran, for example, was not accepted by his own countrymen until much later after Japanese industries used his knowledge with great success.

    4f: Juran and his quality circle – ya, his contribution is of the reasons the Japanese are so good in manufacturing.

    You know your huffing-and-puffing project, a thought just occurred to me. I read that hot-baths are not-advisable prior to the actual huffing-and-puffing as heat kills your champions. Tight jeans or tight pants are also contributory factors. You probably know that already. Anyway, my best wishes.

    4f: i dont take bath too near to bedtime unless totally unnecessary cos i like dirty sex LOL

  9. zara's mama said,

    Err… enjoy the huffing and puffing now while at it.. b’cos with the arrival of a son (or daugther.. don’t be so picky ok?), you will be sleep deprived (not to mention sex deprived).

    4f: dont worry i will convert the store room into a sound proof haven for the lil fella! heard a bit of crying in the middle of the nite is good for the lung!

  10. Simple American said,

    Wow. Very heart warming post. Your mom is so wonderful dude. The quilt is lovely too.

    4f: all mums are wonderful, i am sure. anyway, thanks for the compliment!

  11. ah leng said,

    according to the fertility doctors,when the “missles” are launched,the couple needs to stay in “locked” position like those wrestler for at least an hour- is it that necessary or effective…im still not so sure about it.

    4f: lidat can die wan hor! i usually will visit uncle chow after launching the missiles! 🙂

  12. carcar said,

    awesome!~ very lovely tag indeed!

    4f: tell that to velverse who tagged me & LB who created the tag!

    …sweat through these chores but we are not complaining…. cos it is a toil of love….
    …ravaged by the wear and tear of time, she never lose her zeal for life…
    …my only oasis…

    4f: ok, will write a few such lines for on you for the prize presentation post later!

  13. Kenny Ng said,

    Is that your fish? So lovely

    4f: this is my best effort. glad you like it.

  14. me said,

    i like. the colour of love, it’s a nice interpretation to that tag.

    4f: tenkiu! year end is coming and hope love and peace will be with all this hols!!

  15. fantastflier said,

    Great pics! nice take on things, that quilt had me reminiscing

    4f: tell us your quilt story lah… especially the one who share it with you!!

  16. hiaoaunty said,

    but excuse me, u think u are the big bad wolf ah???? “… and I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!!!!” why blow houses down???

    4f: me a big bad wolf lah but red riding hood left long time ago. no girl pigs also can lah 😉

    dun u have one of those books amongst ur self-help collection that can teach u how to make babies…. ;P

    4f: dont have lah. got any to lend or not? video tape also can lah…. 🙂

  17. velverse said,

    huar.. you really have lots of books hor. I am not a word person. prefer graphics and pictures 🙂

    4f: me book worm mah! can see you are a creative person with that beautiful pic of a octopussy cook!! 🙂

    I still remember the quilt blanket my grandma do for me last time. Too bad… my old house was on fire and the blankie is gone 😦

    4f: what a memory! quilt takes a long time to make and i am sure your g-ma loves you very much! what happened to your house?

  18. AhTak said,

    wah ~~~
    nice pictures !!! I like all !! I like the last pictures most !!! How can you think of such composition ah ?? very nice ~~~~

    4f: the last pic? it is a trick i used often cos my camera can do super macro. it is my most acceptable pictorial of a “hot” moment… hehehe

  19. hiaoaunty said,

    my books are not the self-help type leh… R(A) pictorials can or not??? adult videos?? oi, i thot i just gave you 9 cds!!!! hehehe…

    4f: no book, mag, adult videos also can! the cds are in jap. didnt know they are so kinky hehehe…

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