No gold here!

November 30, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (News & Comments)

Have you heard the chinese fable of the village idiot who found a buried treasure chest in a deserted piece of land? The treasure chest was too big for him to carry alone, so the idiot decided to go and get some help.

To prevent others from finding the treasure, he came out with this smart idea. He put up a sign on the very spot where the treasure was located warning everyone…

 “There is no treasure here, go look for it somewhere else!”

 Now we have the malaysian version of this story or is it just me that is reading too much between the lines?

 You read and draw your own conclusion!

Straight Times 30 Nov 2006 headlines


“Johor & Petronas deny report of oil discovery”

but a few days earlier…..
lifted from malaysia Bernama news agency…

Petronas Finds Oil And Gas Reserves In Johor Waters E-mail this news to a friend  Printable version of this news  



By Mohd Haikal IsaJOHOR BAHARU, Nov 28 (Bernama) — National oil company Petronas is believed to have made its first discovery of oil and gas reserves in the waters of Johor.According to reliable sources, Petronas made the discovery of the two fuel resources in a coastal area east of Johor.The sources said that Petronas recently had a briefing with Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman on the findings.Abdul Ghani made an unofficial announcement of the findings during a Hari Raya gathering last week, organised by Umno (Pengerang Division), the sources said.“The area (where the oil and gas were found) is believed to be more than 1,000 hectares. According to research, the oil and gas reserves from the area were of “significant amount,” the sources told Bernama here Tuesday.According to the sources, the whole area of the oil and gas discovery is divided into two areas coming under the jurisdiction of both the federal and state governments.“The whole area is situated in Malaysia. It does not involve the waters of Indonesia or Singapore, and therefore the issue of ownership does not arise. It is ours,” the sources said.The discovery is believed to have been made following a comprehensive geological study undertaken by Petronas on the coastal areas where the oil and gas reserves were.“Johor would make gains from the discovery, and among them would be the payment of royalties, as well as other ensuing economic benefits such as the establishment of oil and gas based industries and employment for the local people,” the sources said.Prices of land in the affected areas are also expected to go up significantly following the discovery.

SINGAPORE BECOMING AN OIL PRODUCING COUNTRY? mind boggling isn’t it? considering the proximity of Johor and Singapore, can’t rule out the possibility. I can think of a name for the new singapore oil company…

 PAP Oil Limited, PAP stands for pump and pump muahahaha!!!

Brudders all, please load up on SRC (spore refining company) shares.

Don’t tell people you hear it from burung pipit!



  1. angel said,

    Donwan gold or oil, I cum for a hug, can?

    4f: hug hug for angel! *feel good*

  2. Simple American said,

    Where can I get this stock?

    4f: give your us$ i will buy for you! 🙂

  3. wuching said,

    so malaysia & singapore go to war becoz of oil soon!

    4f: wuching, can teach me how to immigrate to oz or not?

  4. ian said,

    4F Sir, I’m actually heading to Singapore with my family for Xmas when I go back to Malaysia… I wonder if there’s any way I can meet up with you… But we’re following a travel tour.. Hmm…

    4f: WELCOME!! check your (physical) mailbox! the key to my castle is on the way to oz… dont worry, i will sneak you out when your troupe members are asleep for the famous local piao meis chicken rice in geylang!

  5. Leonard said,

    serious ah…what a major discovery, maybe here also got discover but kept in the dark?

    4f: sshhh…. yesterday, i wanted to renew my SIM library book on “beyond oil” but it was booked by someone else. very seldom ppl booked library book. only happened to all the eCOmmerce books during the dotcom era. it seems there is a genuine interest in oil nowadays in sg.

    note: “beyond oil” is a book on the oil exploration, economics & politics written by a retired american geologist. written in a light and easy to write manner. catch it if you have time for only one book this year!!

  6. zara's mama said,

    Pump and Pump, to increase Production!
    Oh.. this post is about petrol discovery huh? Nothing to do with your project..

    4f: thank you for dropping by knowing how busy you are! pump & pump? no wander kids call their father pappy! LOL

  7. may said,

    hmmmm… doesn’t quite perk my interest… lol! just here to leave my mark…
    *makes palm print on Burung Pipit’s window*

    4f: tenkiu2… *admiring LMM palm prints on the window pane*

  8. Mick said,

    It’s Singapore Petroleum Company’s (SPC) shares that need to be shored up on, not Singapore Refining Company (SRC). SPC is listed. SRC is not. SPC owns SRC.

    4f: tenkiu for the correction!! any movement on the oil counter?

  9. ylchong said,

    next someone will DENY that Petronas made net profit of RM50.60billion fro coming financial ending March 2007.
    “The secretary accidentally added ONE zero! Should be five billion lony!”
    Three days later, the official pres release will confirm Desi’s prediction-lah — RM51.11billion. But there won’t be any drop in petrol pump price-lah.

    4f: hahaha… usual reason is the petrol stations have been absorbing the price increase in the price and the reason increase is just an adjustment….

    Too much seepage — maybe the Little Dot has something to do with Diss putting UP some invisible seepage pipes across Johor straits!

    4f: to block the seepage is easy, have one pump and both countries share the profit. but cannot use the same calculator as the NEP. 🙂

  10. velverse said,

    huar… now you part time become financial analyst also ar!
    Hehe… PAP eh… nice name

    4f: ya… dont forget my 10% commission when you make a killing in the stock market!!

  11. Winn said,

    ok if i dun tell, what do i get in return? *winks*

    4f: the usual lah *wink2*

  12. Maverick SM said,

    God must have blessed Singapore…

  13. LM said,

    Thanks! I’ll tell everyone I didn’t hear this from burungpipit’s blog. 🙂

  14. wuching said,

    can! jump aeroplane!

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