Gossip by the River

December 4, 2006 at 11:15 p12 (Bloggers Meeting, Pics/Photography, Random Observations)

Cocka came to collect his prize for the caption contest held some weeks back. we decided to visit boat quay for a makan & some drinking session without the normal entourage…

guess who we saw? we saw car2 in a black body hugging tee… she seemed to be searching for someone. if you are still blur by now where she is, her back is facing you on the right of the above pic! get it?

we were curious and we followed her into a “No Entry except authorised vehicles” backlane. How ironical, no extry,  except this car2!

after emerging from the back lane, we saw car2 talking to a mysterious lady that look like some misty fog… too far couldn’t get a close up!

 car2 talking to the guy in red next to her on her cellphone at the sundanese indonesian restaurant. very secretive ho! why could not talk face to face? must be secret boyfriend!

after the dinner, car2 adjourned to the nearby coffee bean with the guy in red, and was joined by another mysterious lady… a very hiao-looking foxy lady. the mysterious misti one had disappeared by now. wow, a threesome hah?!!

Hei! this is the guy that talked to car2 just now. He was no more wearing red! What happened to his shirt hah? He looked very2 happy sitting next to car2. Wonder what’s their relationship?

the hiao one, again! but car2 didn’t look too happy this time. the hiao one must be the secret gf of her secret bf. omg! show hand already so fast?

to really find out what happened on that fateful evening… you can read here, here, here & here



  1. carcar said,

    OI!!! lei mei sei koh ah!!

    LOL at your story line! very creative ah…

    very very unique photo shooting angle, good play with color and special effect!

    good job!

    tenkiu!! you can do that too. when are you bringing in your dslr?

  2. angel said,

    *clapclapclap standing ovation*
    i didn’t know u are sucha good storyteller!

    4f: *bowing to clapping angel*

    pssst! get ready the Red Carpet! 😉

    4f: good2! will call car2 to help with the welcoming ceremony!!

  3. may said,

    how nice, how nice! next week our turn hor? hor!! make sure you come laden with gifts, Mr. Santa!! *wink wink*

    4f: ha? you looking for santa or sugar daddy? 😉

  4. Leonard said,

    silang pipit, dun anyhow made up story hor, i never wear red on that day, i oso never sit next to car2, someone in between..all must read the other posts!!!

    4f: oh! that guy is you hah? leonard is naughty again!!

    nevertheless, thanks for the traffic and this template damn nice, my fav colors!!! 🙂

    4f: you are welcome!!

  5. Simple American said,

    Looks like a good time. Would have liked to joined you all.

    hop overlah when you are in HK!!

  6. wuching said,

    u memang private eye, mata mata gelap! when i get there dun spy me ok?

    are you telling me you gonna do something naughty when you are here? hehehehe…. my camera will be ready!

  7. me said,

    haha. trust you to feed the tabloid gossip.

    4f: hope you like my second attempt at writing trashy gossip!!

  8. Cocka Doodle said,

    Pssst! You still have Spinnee’s pic ah? Can pass to me? Mine deleted liao. 😦

    4f: wah! you missed being tossed into the river issit? i dont have her pic – deleted also.

  9. spinnee said,

    actually i’m the narrator of this story. Seefei is the photographer only. 😉

    4f: yah! should put your pic there also!!

  10. Kenny Ng said,

    What a story… LOL

    4f: hope you were here!

  11. ian said,

    Scandalous paparazzi!

    4f: very scandolous meh?

  12. zara's mama said,

    Wah… a bloggers meet turned into a scandulous story..

    See what some photos and writing can do to an innnocent meet?

    4f: where got scandulous? compare to what came from kay-el this is sup sup sui lah muahahaha…..

  13. angel said,

    waaa… why suddenly yr blog so dark geh?? u can see anot?? *LOL*

    4f: u like or not? it is suppose to look more professional!!

  14. AhTak said,

    wah ~~~~ like your new theme and new banner ~~ very zheng ~~~

    And the pictures also vert the LOMO …. very Zheng ~ hehehe

    4f: coming from ah tak, i am flatted! btw, what is LOMO?

  15. Winn said,

    haha like ur story…
    a day in a life of carcar..

    4f: i look forward to do one on you & liucas!!!

  16. hiao aunty said,

    wei anyhow spin story say i secret gf of some secret bf!!!! wait i get my secret society bf beat u arrrrrrr!!!!

    4f: dont lidat lah. if you bash me up, you will have no more story teller to entertain you hor!!

  17. AhTak said,

    Lomo is ………. a kind/style/form of photography learn more Lomography

    4f: i googled lomography – it is a very interesting concept of photography emphasizing spontaneity over protocol. thanks for coming back to explain. i guess i can put off buying the dslr for a while. lomography work best with cheapo camera. now i have no reason to say i got no time for photography!!

  18. misti said,

    trust you to come up with this story line.

    4f: i guess you like it hah? tenkiu!

    you never mentioned you jumped into the river butt naked.

    4f: u confused me with kkk.

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