Good Bye Sentosa Island!

December 10, 2006 at 11:15 p12 (News & Comments, Pics/Photography)

Genting International just won the bid for the building of the integrated resort at Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island, the tranquil island that i visit occasionally to “get away” from the hectic mainland island life is going to see major development happening in the next few years.

Sentosa Island will see S$5.2 billion investment pouring in and the creation of 30,000 jobs to staff the IR. Together with an estimated visitors count of at least 30,000 per day, i will have the company of 60,000 or more at any single day when i visit. Well, i guess the day of stumbling unto couple having sex in the belukar and the odd komodo dragon will be a thing of the past.

Genting’s win is not totally unpredictable. In fact, i had wagered some monies on Genting share a couple of months back in anticipation of this win. We, in little dot are a pragmatic lot. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we will try to make the best out of it. What’s next? Spill over effect on property prices in the West Coast?

Before the serene and peaceful Sentosa is gone and replaced by the man made merryland, i went down to vivocity last friday to take some pictures for remembrance.

 I will miss you, Sentosa Island……………………………

Sentosa Island with the merlion & cable car tower visible on the right of the main visitor hall in the centre and the connecting bridge from the mainland on the left.

Starcruise’s ship anchoring at harbourfront on the right and the chinese junk cruise to no-where on the left.



  1. angel said,

    I am cummmmmmingggg!!!!

    4f: ok ok will put sentosa on your itinerary…….

  2. wuching said,

    u must be dem good even angel had such great orgasm!

    4f: paiseh, i am sure it is not me. must be the mythical merlion! 🙂

  3. carcar said,

    hey, you should go inside sentosa island to take more close up photo mah…

    4f: if time permit i will do LOMO on sentosa

    but well, i am not really fancy bout this ‘manmade’ island in the first place…

    but i love to sun-tan there… sigh..

    keen to have a look at sentosa outing

    4f: read your post. no bikini girls and nude sun bather one? muahahah… seriously, got a puteri lilin at home now, so this kind of outing is very rare and can be considered a luxury!!

  4. coolinsider said,

    Nice pics of Sentosa. I go there with my family quite often too as its just a stone’s throw away from my home. By the way, I have also blogged about Genting’s win and what it takes to succeed in the longer run. Do feel free to comment.

    4f: first and foremost, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment!

    you had raised a few valid points from a business perspective and it will be interesting to see how the business side of thing will take off at sentosa. As i mentioned in your blog, an impact assessment study of the traffic is important in view of the increase in visitors when the IR is ready. Affordability of the gated attraction is also of equal important. You dont want to see a world class playground at your back yard that is effectively priced out of your budget, right?

  5. Winn said,

    i dunno wat to say abt the soon to be sentosa genting…

    well maybe it cld help the little dot to be a bigger dot?? i dunno.. good and bad lor

    4f: you must visit sentosa to enjoy the greenery and catch the sunset. it is beautiful!

  6. AhTak said,

    very nice pictures …….. Maybe just rotate a little bit ?

    4f: dont really understand, how to rotate – CW or ACW? 🙂

  7. may said,

    oh yes, Sentosa Island on our list of to-visit-this-December, please!

    4f: sure, dont forget to bring lotsa suntan lotion. i offer to rub it on for you, ok?

  8. Maverick said,

    Singapore govt are far-sighted. Just review the MRT projects which was built in the 80s. At that time, they didn’t need it but the project was constructed during the economic recession. Now, you can see the efficiencies of public transportation system.

    4f: SM, it is only survival instinct. the govt is not far-sighted all the time. look at the policy of stop-at-two kids. now it is three if you can afford it. other decision like not having a F1 track earlier and car manufacturing industry are lesser oversight that the govt is trying to ratify now. but still, the govt pragmatism and rational reasoning in their policy making endears itself to investors and its population.

    The Casinos are becoming necessary to draw tourists to Singapore as more and more people from China and India are spending time holidaying. Singapore needs the FDIs and tourism monies to further prosper. You can see the benefits in 3 years time from today when the projects commence construction.

    4f: some ppl in lil dot already prosper on the news of these two IR. the property counters and genting shares are riding high in the market right now. construction counters are also moving. i give kudos to the govt for landing this S$12 billion investment and creation of 60,000 in three years time for the local population. the Q is back at some of the more popular condo launch.

  9. Maverick said,

    See Fei, you should consider the background to be white as it is difficult to read in the dark…LOL!

    4f: i felt the same way too. but this b/gnd enhances the pictures colour. will experience with other template when i have the time!

    pls accept my 1000 apology!!

  10. fantastflier said,

    Thank god I trampled all over the old place before I left. I guess there is less and less to remember and reminisce about now…

    4f: did you find any buried ordinance or hidden treasure? 😉

  11. AhTak said,

    perhaps a little bit ACW ? 😉

    4f: will try with the picasa software

  12. spinnee said,

    when they removed the monorail i was like WTF.

    now they are going to make another genting here? kaoz. to me, genting very ‘sian’ and sub-standard. i’m surprised they got it. but anyways, sentosa’s theme is supposed to be ‘lower class’ than the one at marina…so… oh well… duh…

    4f: dont know about genting esp the one in malaysia cos havent been there for 22 years. sentosa’s theme is family and marina’s mice. don’t know whether class/caste will feature. but with filthy rich neighbours in sentosa cove, it is unthinkable that anything less worthy will be allowed to develop in sentosa!!

    i like sentosa, but it’s really too expensive to enjoy there, esp on dumb attractions. shrug ha

    4f: cant agree more. so, it is the beach and jungle trail for me!!

  13. velverse said,

    well well.. so genting will win no matter what eh. Now.. that is what people always say.. the casino will never lose money.

    4f: you can be winner too-buy genting share, very cheap in sg market. only 50 cents a unit.

    By the way, I like your new skin and header. LOVELY~

    4f: tenkiu, on the behalf of the designer 🙂

  14. Simple American said,

    Progress is so destructive. I have seen other bloggers trips to Sentosa and I kind of looked forward to seeing that. I’m too late now or I better catch a plane tomorrow huh?

    4f: you should hitch a ride from bush earlier.

  15. Leonard said,

    it’s also being like 2 years back when i last set foot on sentosa, vivocity was nowhere in sight then. so when construction starts, i wan to go there lei and see see look look. but it would be expensive too.

    4f: dont go for the attractions lah. the beach and the jungle trail are free.

    wah lau, why the photo quality of you taken frm vivocity and mine so much different…duh! i wonder will genting move some of the cold weather here to sentosa…

    4f: some winter here would be fine! bio-sphere for lil dot? reg photo quality, dont you mean better or otherwise? but i learned from you lah. go there between 630 and 730 best lighting condition.

  16. Leonard said,

    one last time, betta bring ur camera when u set foot on sentosa again for some “getaway” or catching monkey…i like paparazzi photos of people “cummming” on the beach or odd komodo dragon …betta do it first hor! 😉

    4f: hahah those were on younger days!! pre-digital camera days….

  17. Mick said,

    i can’t wait to take the thrill rides at Universal Studios Sentosa! 😀

    4f: can still buy genting share now or not?

  18. Kenny Ng said,

    where is it? sorry i never been spore… how shame

  19. zara's mama said,

    You should have told me earlier, then I would have invested in Genting share too.. haiya. Next time got tip.. share ma.

  20. Mick said,

    Genting shares look set to rise further. Of course can buy. It’s still a good few years before this IR at Sentosa will come to pass. And Genting expects to break even either in its 7th year of operation of thereafter. Need a very long-term view with regards to this stock. Don’t forget Star Cruise shares either.

  21. LM said,

    good riddance. silly island it was, with those that had even sillier ideas.

    SF, I got perfect vision yet I still can’t read in the dark. 😛

  22. Mick said,

    Actually it’s not a good time to chase Genting’s shares becos it’s still a good 3 years before this IR gets built. And 7 years before it starts breaking even. Still has tons of what if’s :p

  23. Kunstemaecker said,

    I was there last december!

  24. titoki said,

    Happy Dong Zhi, Merry X’mas, Happy Boxing Day and a Happy New Year to your and your wifey! Ho~ Ho~ Ho~

  25. Cocka Doodle said,

    Oi! Your blog fatt mou jor…so long no update.
    Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a great year ahead!

  26. HB said,

    Goodby Sentosa and hello Sentosa!

  27. Simple American said,

    Merry Christmas to you and your wife.

  28. misti said,

    Merry Christmas Seefei and missus and everyone around!

  29. fantastflier said,

    Merry Christmas SF !!

  30. helen said,

    Belated greetings to you and your family!! 🙂

    Hmmm, not many places can remain ‘unchanged’ all these years like dear Ipoh. 😦

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