The Yard

January 8, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (Gathering, Life and its pleasures)

Tucked away at one corner of the River Valley Road is The Yard…

The YARD is Singapore oldest english pub, set up in 1983, about the same time as Zouk. The time when Mariah Carey was just a new comer in the english music scene & the HK heavenly kings ruled the canto-pop scene…


You wont miss it with the prominent sign by the roadside

Prices are reasonable & service is friendly…

Rustic ambience and not crowded… a good destination for sitdown-bitch-drink session & to bring that secret girl-fren without bumping into your children…


this place oozes nostalgia, right down to a still-working legacy coin-phone… dont see many of this device around nowadays. no reason not to call when the cell battery is flat.

our regular hang-out place to have a drink and catch some football action!!



  1. Kenny Ng said,

    The Yard… hmmm, I used to go Backyard Pub in Hartamas… kekeke

    4f: used to mean wat? 30 years ago? 🙂

  2. angel said,

    errr… the last pub i went was a pub in Cambridge! got slot machines summore…

    4f: when? got met hunk there or not?

    yo, u so bz ka?

    4f: will be busy this year 2007. but not that busy as to not being able to find time to blog 🙂

  3. may said,

    my last pub was the one in Holland Village, Singapore… lol. I’m not too big on pubs. probably because I’m not much of a beer drinker… *urp*

    4f: noting down…*must bring lmm to a pub before she fly off to down under!*

  4. Leonard said,

    The Yard, seems a good place, so this is where you go dating!!!

    4f: sshhh…. not so loud!

    is the photographer a female, the extreme left corner guy like hum sup look…kidding..haaha

    4f: that guy took the photo…. on timer 🙂

  5. simple american said,

    Seems kind of funny. How come there is no pub established when the Brits ran the place hor? hehe

    4f: u got a point there! will have a word with the yard’s owner on the “first pub” claim

    But I like how ou describe the place. A must see for me. 🙂

    4f: call me when you are in the vicinity!!

    post note: SA, i guess fyre answered your query. he is a regular at the pub and know the owner personally.

  6. me said,

    for a minute there, i tot you bought over the pub and is indulging in a little free publicity. :-p

    4f: considering a take-over soon. wanna buy some share?

  7. velverse said,

    I already start liking the signage. Hemmm I feel old now 🙂

    4f: will bring you there on your next trip in lil dot!!

  8. Mick said,

    Pub started in 1983 can already claim to be oldest pub in Singapore already ah? Is it because before that, no English pub was allowed in Singapore? Of course not. Funny it took so long for an English pub to set up shop in a British colony. I’m sure there were English pubs in Singapore during its colonial days. They must all be long dead and gone 😀

    4f: according to fyre comment here, it is the only surviving english pub. guess pubbing the english way is not in vogue.

  9. fyre said,

    it should be the oldest surviving English pub in Singapore — emphasize SURVIVING. any way a little bit of history — the place used to be hangout for Singapore journalists, back in the days when the heart of Singapore journalism was at Times House along Kim Seng Road. Now, they are building a condo on the site. Still, some of us “old birds” still hang out there or nostalgia’s sake. wat can I say — the place is cosy, the liquor is affordable and the staff is familiar……..well at least the owner is. Some of us actually learnt how to drink there.

    4f: thanks for the clarification!! the yard must had started off around the same time as “frontpage”, another frequent haunt of journalists in the same vicinity. only different “frontpage” is long gone now.

  10. auntie p said,

    thank you fyre. and thank you seefei for your kind comments and nice pictures. “justice y” said you do not mind us using some of the pictures for our website? 🙂 “auntie p”

    4f: my pleasure auntie! you can leaf off the photo from the website, or if you need the full photo album, please let me know. actually, i am a fan of your pub, albeit a quiet one until blogging came along. but i guess you never taught me how to “drink” like justice y, so i never become a regular “pub-going” drinker! 🙂

  11. auntie p said,

    sorry….the person that started frontpage used to be a regular at the Yard, he started his own place much later.

    4f: my apology…

    sshhh…justice y, “the man around town” knows how to enjoy his drinks & …..! do not need lessons hor!

    4f: “the man around town”? i like that nick…

  12. justice y said,

    errr auntie actually i didn’t know wat a whisky soda was until the yard and a certain ravi shankar. am sure u remember those days with much fondness. btw who is this fyre guy anyway? someone we know?

  13. Cocka Doodle said,

    I thought the oldest English pub has always been the Tiger’s Tavern at Raffles Hotel no?

  14. auntie p said,

    huh?….i thought it was you doing me a favour!

  15. LM said,

    Hmm.. pubs.

    Is it within walking distance from UE square? (park my car)

    nowadays prefer to go wine outlets instead of beer. 🙂

    4f: it is oppostie aspen height condo. near enuf for a short walk

  16. carcar said,

    hey im late. i love this series of photo! post up more! u are good in photography! thanks for sharing!~

    4f: tenkiu2! no prob, late is better than never.

    long time not meeting u for a cuppa, or a ‘ting’ cheers!~ hahaha….find time for it k? The Yard, how bout it?

    4f: good, can arrange a yum seng session at the yard!

  17. hooiching said,

    hey the place looks reali nice with a great ambience. hehe. i’ll recommend my dad to go next time..haha. kidding..but nice =)

    4f: *one flying slipper heading toward kulai*

  18. Maverick SM said,

    See Fei,

    Now U also Professional blogger doing advertisement ah? How much?

    4f: i am happy i can still blog abt commercial entity without being spammed. no monetary reward here but i am just happy being acknowledged!

  19. Steve said,

    err what about the Long Bar? Thats gotta be older than The Yard…. No?

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