Winn’s New Pet

January 14, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (Bloggers Meeting, Travel, Whining/Bitching/Ranting)

 in the last gathering with bloggers from KL, i had the privilege of sitting facing Winn and came face to face with the beauty & the beast her new pet. you can see her concentration in getting her restless pet to pose for the camera…

 i could see her admiration for her new love….


her dedication is total & absolute as her facial expression tells us all!

now, may i present to you winn’s new pet!








winn “better stop flying around and eat your food…”

beside this little distraction, lunch was good as i got the chance to meet may & nyonya penang (first time), angel, jilo & kenny ng. my only regret was, the meet was too short for me as i got to leave early.

Thank you angel for organising the lunch!!



  1. zeroimpact said,

    Nice to have see you again
    I missed that, no thanks to all the people going the same way

    4f: we all take and see from diff angle! why your blog got no masterpieces from you one??

  2. Chen said,

    i tot what is her new pet earlier on 😀

    4f: now you know liucas got competition liao!!

  3. angel said,

    Thank Q for coming! Love the pics! Love Winn too! 😉

    4f: tenkiu for taking the trouble. too bad i could stay for long.

  4. may said,

    winn winn!! how’s your new “pet” har? Liucas got eat him anot? teehee!

    hope to see you again, seefei. maybe soon, maybe in a few years. take care now! thanks for everything!

    4f: when is your farewell party? we all gonna miss you!!

  5. me said,

    banyak pressure meeting up with you lah. like being hunted by paparazzi liddat. *shaking with fear*

    4f: *send out doggie team to look for LLme!!* U one elusive & shy lady lah! but i am a patient person!!

  6. Mick said,

    That’s a lovely digital camera. I would be mesmerised with this new toy too if i have one :p

    4f: tot you have got your camera liao during your last bangkok trip?

  7. Winn said,

    eeeeeee…see see..told u to use only 2mp and ‘focusless’ camera..can see my freakles and pimple scars already. pai say to scare away all ur readers:P

    4f: sorry the freckle and pimples were photoshoped in, so wifey wont suspect i see more beautiful gal than her

    thanks !haha:)

    4f: you are welcome!!

    may, new pet is called fiucas..and that’s seefei’s fingers

    4f:i think my fingers need major pedicure overhaul. they looked dry and lifeless…:-)

  8. aunty p said,

    hi seefei, would like to get in touch with you. pls email me. many thanks. anunty p

    4f: done!

  9. wuching said,

    wuah! lenglui! u so lucky i jeles wor!

    4f: u r into lenglui also? hope you wife dont read this blog hahaha…

  10. misti said,

    winn is so sweet. i love all the gals (and guys) i met up.

    4f: why guys in bracket?

  11. mother superior said,

    Wah, you famous now hor, in lil dot and across there. Some more, so many people meeting you despite your short time with them. Wei, must not forget old blog friends leh… 🙂

    I’m sure you wouldn’t.

    4f: when are you free next? makan session sure wont forget you one! 🙂

  12. serendipity said,

    singapore should organise a blogger’s meet man!!!

    hhmmph. or why am i not invited.

    i want a new camera sooooon tooooo!

    4f: no prob. give us a tinker when you are in town! for camera idea you can try the fuji 30D. cool feature includes face recognition & asa 3200 – very good for taking indoor pic in low light of ppl. retailing about S$600. can check out other users comment on dpreview

  13. carcar said,

    wah winn the main actress! the fly is the supporting actor 😀

    seefei the camera man and pimples are the backdrop 😀


    4f: …and car2 the papa-lalat-zi!!

  14. Simple American said,

    Wow. I thought you were talking about Winn’s camera. keke

    She is pretty too. No arguments from me. Look at those eyelashes!

    4f: great man thinks alike! look forward to “shoot” you sometime

  15. Kenny Ng said,

    LOL… her pet so cute, can fly somemore. Liucas sure jealous till cry already.

    4f: you want some? i am sure winn got no prob sending some fly-let to your home!!

  16. velverse said,

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… I miss the chance to meet you 😦
    Sigh… ironic ironic ironic!

    4f: mo yuen fun lah!!

  17. zara's mama said,

    What’s its name? Ah Kiong or Ah Meng?

    4f: miss lalat 😉

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