Something money can buy….

January 20, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (General Chatter)

My apartment had been going for a makeover for over a week now. Have been living in a dump with no tv and hot water while all this is happening.

We are not complaining though, as we had been looking forward to this renovation for a while and we are glad it is happening now.

Although our life had been turned topsy turvy by all the inconvenience, but i never see wifey any happier. She is the “happiness” barometer in our household and with that i would say the reno money is well spent.

 Well, money can’t buy you love but happiness, yes. Albeit a temporary and transient one. Happiness in any form and substance is welcome here!

Here are some “goreng” photos of the reno work….

day1: Help! MC Hammer is running amok…

 day2: Construction materials everywhere!

 day 3: the heavy makeover began!

a few days later: first time i lived in an apartment without a functioning door. the door leaf was taken out for tiling work to the entrance.

project management: if wifey read engineering, i am sure she will make a good Project Manager!



  1. wuching said,

    where u sleep now? downstair underneath the building ah? poor thing!

    4f: in the master bedroom. the only room not involve in this makeover

  2. Leonard said,

    oh crap, how am i going to survive if my house also kena renoveated???

    poor seefei, braving the rain and cold wind in the void deck!!

    4f: stay with mum in law can be good. but mine is 700 km away so boh pian!!

  3. zeroimpact said,

    Right on there, money can do wonder and not at the same time
    I guess it’s a really big reno there

    4f: $$ makes the world go round.

  4. may said,

    reminds me of the time when we re-tiled the floors downstairs of the house, and put in a new sliding grill. total mess, lots of dust, but worth it at the end of the day. can’t wait to see your “new” place post-reno!

    4f: hope the finished effect is worth the experience.

  5. velverse said,

    AH.. wah seems like a massive reno wor. I see big kitchen sink. Haha.. after the reno your turn to be a happy man rite?
    Wifey cook nice nice food 🙂

    4f: insightful…

  6. maggielurva said,

    happy renovating!

    4f: tenkiu!!

  7. me said,

    your wifey is happy because of all those topless men around. hahahahaha! *runs away*

    4f: no wonder wifey insist of supervising the wet work! should ask you to write the caption for this pic after seeing how good you are in penning erotic article!

  8. Mick said,

    Wow! Looks like your home is in the process of some extreme major makeover. I bet it would certainly look wonderfully fantastic when completed! 😀

    4f: the extreme makeover is only in the kitchen & common toilet. i am thinking of turning pro in the chef profession. so got to rework the kitchen lor.

  9. carcar said,

    yay! remember to throw a house warming when it is done ok!

    4f: house warming will be an orgy wo… if you are interested!

  10. angel said,

    *waits for Invite to House Warming Party*

    4f: *jot down in note book “dont forget to invite angel for HWP” 🙂

  11. Kenny Ng said,

    Hmmm… quite a major renovation I can see that. What brand of tiles you using?

    4f: why? you got lubang for cheap but good tile issit :-)? we used the range from “stone colour”

  12. Simple American said,

    Thats a lot of work going on. So you stay in a hotel while they work or just hide in the other rooms?

    4f: my sanctuary is my master bedroom. it double as a storeroom as well currently…

  13. ianfluenza said,

    A good reno = A happy wifey = Great nights on bed = A Happy SeeFei

    4f: my equation will be…

    A good reno = A happy wifey = Great nights on bed = A little SeeFei


  14. Winn said,

    i wanna see the final artwork!!

    4f: when are you coming? will roll out the red carpet for you! dont forget to bring miss lalat hor?

  15. ylchong said,

    the workers in Pic 3 — they look familiAr!
    You bollowed from DZ of Port Klang right? For free/flee?
    pls transport them to Furong by Ujong ribber small house 999 after use, OK! then I won’t lapur U! Give 30% some aMORE can? I promo U a li’l at my Place todie:)

    4f: what workers? those are robot i invited in my spare study room. wanna invest some $$ in my new co? 🙂

  16. LM said,

    wow, the beginnings of Istana Seefei

    sshhh… how to afford a palace. dont want the IRAS guys to snoop around man!!

  17. zara's mama said,

    You are serious this actually took place? My gosh! What a mess! I’ll go crazy.

    When our house were under renovation, I just tried to be away from it, I can’t stand the mess!!

    4f: hope is carrying us through this mess. hope of a better tomorrow. so philo hor!!

  18. Maverick SM said,

    U sudah kaya lah, SeeFei. Are U renovating something like Istana Zakaria?LOL!

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