Mundance is good

January 25, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (Life and its pleasures, Random Observations)

Reno is coming to an end soon with floor washing & cabinet fixing scheduled for next week. The last 2 week of chaos and make-shift life adjustment for once had me craving for a bit of predictability. Mundanceness has never been so welcome.

The reno had yielded some lessons/experiences that are enlightening and uplifting. for example…

  • the neighbours are more friendly and dropping by our door step and enquiring about the progress of our reno. as a result, we know our neighbours better.
  • as our master bedroom is our only sanctuary, we are actually spend more time in it doing things that our parents used to do during those pre-cable tv and 24-hour McDonald. hopefully we will have some red-egg eating celebration by end of the year
  • we talked more and communicated better as we watch no tv and spending more time at home with each other. our relationship has actually improved over this period of time.
  • life can be equally happy and livable with less trapping of modern living & luxury. we had weaned ourselves of bathing with hot water, for the moment at least.


  1. Leonard said,

    wah seh, the reno had transported you to the age of caveman, further back then kampong days… guess you’re more tired at work nowadays…

    4f: noti noti leonard!!

    does the reno include a new room for new member?? hope to eat red eggs sooon…. gambattae!

    4f: got got. but dont know when the bugger coming le?

  2. may said,

    *perked ears* red eggs?
    great that you’ve found other means of “entertainment”, and a much more fulfilling one too! especially bed-lympics… *wink*

    4f: we make do… 🙂

  3. angel said,

    so, after this no more mundane means no good?

    4f: mundane for a change is good!

  4. wuching said, on its way!

    4f: still trying, not yet!!

  5. misti said,

    psst.. little seefei, quick come out, daddy and mummy want to welcome you to a brand new renovated house! very grand! quick quick arrange with the stork!

    ya… and miss misti is here to buy you toys, lotsa of it, so better come quick2!

  6. Simple American said,

    So maybe you make your own hot water. *wink wink*

    I saw reno is over and I was thinking Reno, Nevado in my early morning blurred state of mind. I liked Reno, how could it end? hehe

    Good luck with everything. I mean everything. 😉

  7. carcar said,

    wah, kah yao wor!

    remember to give me red-eggs wor, im also yr neighbour, haaa!

  8. me said,

    i vote throw out the tv and other distractions until it is confirmed the little one is on the way!! haiyah, your letter to your son was a long time ago. tot u were busy at work, didn’t realise u were really BUSY AT WORK and not making babies. go gasak somemore oysters and chocolates. btw, u know babies are not delivered by stork, right? you actually have to be very pro-active, like 5 times a week, ok? hahahaha.

  9. Mick said,

    It’s mundane and mundanity. There’s no such word as mundance, pal 🙂 Yeah, human beings are creatures of habit. They feel comfortable with things which are predictable. We may not like things to be the same and routine all the time. But it’s in routine and mundane things of life that we find security. When life is full of ambiguities, don’t know what’s going to happen next, then it’s also full of anxiety and stress.

  10. Winn said,

    i have a colleague who told me he hasnt got a TV in his living room but TV room upstairs, because he belive that guests shldnt just come to ppls hse n watch tv, they shld talk.

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