January 26, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (General Chatter, Random Observations)

The RAIN from Korea had just left town and right now probably in Kay-el. I really would love to catch this rain storm if not for the dust storm i had been getting at my own door step *cough cough*.

Still on the subject of rain…..

The heavenly rain had receded for a while but i am not sure the flooding problem is behind us. The storm drain  i pass by everyday never has its water level so near to its bank. Heavy rain for a day, i will be cut off from office. Is there such thing as “flood” leave?

 Look at the photograph of the storm drain. I am glad i am not staying at those apartments next to it!!



  1. may said,

    woooo… let’s go swimming! *fishes out bikini*

    4f: i watch only, can?

  2. wuching said,

    can go swimming liao!

    4f: you can join may!

  3. zeroimpact said,

    Water levels rising eh
    Hope nothing bad will happen

    4f: we are keeping our finger crossed!

  4. velverse said,

    I wish I could go see RAIN… I really like his concert name… hahaha actually his name too… RAIN is coming~ how nice!

    Better still his concert got rain… mmm Yeah~

    4f: stayed in the same hotel as rain in KL and dined in the same banquet hall. only mine ended at 11.30 pm his starts only after midnight!! 😦

  5. Crankshaft said,

    Rain is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for his World Tour.

    He sure is gorgeous.

    4f: thanks for dropping by!!

  6. Kenny Ng said,

    That is in ‘alert’ level for our term. If up to the bank is call danger level. Anyway, I can see it still got clearance between apartment to the storm drain, so it won’t be so bad.

    4f: this place is near my office. if flood, it will solve the peak hour traffic jam. hahaha…

  7. Mick said,

    Rain is only nice when it comes quietly while u sleep at night heh? Any other time will cause inconvenience on way or the other. Our haywire weather is one sure sign that this world is ending soon.

    4f: the world will never end, it will just transform!! dont underestimate the world!

  8. Leonard said,

    Duh, why i dun get to see the photograph??? maybe my firewall blocking unsighted photographs…

    the rain is horrible over the weekend, stained my car badly, today washed liao, swee swee liao….today great weather…cooling wind! 🙂

    4f: hei the rain provides free car wash… dont waste money lah1!

  9. LM said,

    better enjoy all the rain now.. this year is going to be super el nino year of enhanced HAZE!! and dryness.

    4f: aiyah, hope the rain will drench the haze come june!!

  10. fantastflier said,

    I was wondering where suddenly all my snow went to, now I know….

    4f: wah liao global warming!!

  11. Simple American said,

    That is high. Got galoshes?

    The Brazos River is near me. It is really full now too. Have not seen this river so high in a long time.

    4f: increase your home insurance!!

  12. Winn said,

    Call kenny:P

    4f: kenny? you played in RAIN concert hah?

  13. hiaoauntie said,

    any fishes there??? i bring my fishing rod

    4f: no fish. got ham sup lo there!

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