Home Reformat

February 7, 2007 at 11:15 p02 (Default)

 how nice if we can reformat our home as easy as our computer?


that lady’s touch is all i need in this place i called “home”!

Chinese New Year is coming!

How wonderful if we can reformat our home interior like we do our computer if we want to have a clean slate to start all over again. This rare opportunity befalls me as I just renovated the apartment and about to start our New Year spring cleaning. 

After the renovation, it is time to unpack those belongings that I had stacked away earlier. I am aghast at how much stuff I had accumulated that I have no need for now. For example, my golf ball rack, game rackets that I no longer play, gardening tools, books I no longer read etc. Looking at these stuff, I guess I had led very much a life of hoarder and very little of giver.

No wonder my home has that stuffy feel most of the time. Chinese New Year is coming, and it is time to have a new motto. How about “less is better”?  


Contact me if you want that golf ball rack or some Yonex 8100 badminton rackets!

I mean it!



  1. angel said,

    Waaa! Hou leng ahh! Lei lou por tou hou leng ahh!
    Kung hei! Kung hei!

  2. zeroimpact said,

    Very nice and if only you’d told me earlier
    I could have brought them back to home here

  3. may said,

    I like your “new” home! can I come next week to collect angpow a little earlier before CNY?

  4. Simple American said,

    Your home looks beautiful. Love the floor.

    4f: tenkiu.. those are just wood laminate and not real wood flooring that cost $2,000 for the living, dining and two bedrooms.

    Thats your wife? I misunderstood an old post if that is so.

    4f: thats the missus.

    Looking forward to living in more than your bedroom?

    4f: sure is. but kind of this those cosy 1-room days….

  5. me said,

    niceeee. the minimalist look is in so might as well be fashionable and get rid of all the rubbish.

    4f: bo lui dont want to minimalist also cannot.

    don’t unpack all at once, only the necessities. after 6mths, anything still in boxes that u hvn’t taken out, dump them *grins* back to basic, i call it. basic is where happiness lies.

    4f: hahaha… the house rule now is everything must go except those those tat can justify its existence. but i am not complaining though.

  6. Mick said,

    Your home is beautiful. Just need a nice massage chair and home entertainment system in the living room to make it complete 😀

    4f: i got a massage cum entertainment lady at home. 😉

  7. hiaoauntie said,

    nice flooring… the apt looks very nice now but hor after you blend your stuff in, it will look veri different hehehe you know what i mean lah… okie get rid of unwanted stuff asap (same for me lor coz after moving for 3 weeks, my place is still very messy)

    4f: we are in the same boat now. let see know clean up the mess first !!

  8. Kenny Ng said,

    Nice flooring and others. The workmanship really far better than here.

    4f: the floor is laminate only. too troublesome to hack and retile. very ironical, all the workers are from malaysia!!

  9. fantastflier said,

    Can I have that golf rack? 😛

    4f: let me know when you are in town. will send the rack over. do you need the golf balls too? there is one from netscape, maybe worth your while to keep.

    gawd I’m so jealous, I’m hoping I can sell my sg place and buy a place here.

    4f: be patient… property prices is going up.

    Your home pic is so deja vu poignant for me.

    4f: you miss the pigeon hole in the sky, rite?

  10. velverse said,

    woo.. very earthy tone. I love it. Can i visit your house.
    Can I can I?

    4f: my apt is always open. all you need to do is be here!!

  11. Leonard said,

    nice “reformating”, guess this “vista” is better than “xp”!!!

    wait till all the “softwares” (furnitures) installed, everything would be good to go for CNY!

    4f: i enjoy the “vista” so much, i may not want to reinstall all the plug-ins again!! may want to keep this basic look.

  12. carcar said,

    i want a man’s touch at my home! hahaha….got ladies golf set not? aik 😛

    4f: all the mr right out there! dont disappoint car2! the golf set… you can start with my set first

  13. wuching said,

    wuah! so nice! i go singapore stay at ur place now!

    4f: call me when in lil dot!

  14. Winn said,

    simple and nice. i like the floor! hehe. .

    u need a dog!!;p

    4f: didnt you see the dog?

  15. Maverick SM said,

    I like your new home. Can I come and stay with you?

    4f: call me when in lil dot!!

  16. hiaoauntie said,

    hey everybody’s welcome to stay at ur place ar??? early dun say basket…

  17. zara's mama said,

    All Malaysian good contractor are working in Singapore, so what do we have here, Indonesians loh.. Haih.. Looks good, after the reno..

  18. titoki said,

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! 🙂

  19. Winn said,

    happy new year to see fei!

  20. 9393 said,

    Nice lay out !

    Gong Xi Fa Cha

  21. misti said,

    Happy Lunar New Year SeeFei! wish you and your missus a bouncy baby!!

    4f: tenkiu!

  22. C. Doodle said,

    Kung Hei fatt choy! Let me get my loupan to check to direction for you to lay your bed to make babies. LOL

    4f: you feng shui master also! come come…

  23. HB said,

    Wow. Big difference.

    4f: hahaha u noticed?

  24. Immomsdaughter said,

    Wah wah, that is a rather nice transformation as compared to earlier photos. How’s the wifey doing?

    4f: tenkiu! wifey is doing well, thank you but no baby yet if that is what you are asking hehehe…:-)

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