Sengkang New Town

February 26, 2007 at 11:15 p02 (Random Observations, Singapore)

A picture tells a 1,000,000…. words?

I like this picture of Sengkang New Town taken from Hougang side. It is a combo picture of four photographs. You can read so much about Singapore from looking at this pic.

The big picture here is the sky representing the power to be. It  is domineering and ubiquituous. But not such a bad idea, since it is blue and sunshine all year round? For those who want four seasons, too bad! – you only option is to “migrate” to another point of view.

Notice the flat line of the top of the HDB public housing apartment in the horizon? So homogeneous and yes, boring! As 80% of us in this little island live in a HDB apartment, housing option is never exciting here, unless you consider high-rise pigeon hole living, heavenly! With so much pigeon holes in the sky, no wonder this place attract legions of foreign talents pigeons from all over the world!

There is an MRT (mass rapid train) line running in front of the HDB blocks, if you look hard enough. Sengkang is the only town, beside Toa Payoh, that has an integrated bus station with the MRT line. You wont appreciate this until you have to get down from a bus on a rainy day and catch a connecting train by walking 15 minutes to the next MRT station, with a baby in tow or after having a $400 hairdo from Orchard Road. With integrated bus interchange, you take out the walk and the weather.

Notice the construction cranes on the right hand side? This little dot is like a major construction site. Not a day passed that i dont see some kind of construction activities near my home, my girl fren home, my boy fren home, … You get the pic – no matter which town or whose home you live in here, you will never far away from some kind of construction activities *sigh*.

The mass green in the foreground represent the government relentless drive to promote and brand Singapore as a “Garden City” – a playground for the rich and famous. There is no black or white or any other colour bullshit here, only green matter. Green is big here, mister!!

ok, enough said.

 thank you for your time!!



  1. angel said,

    Errr… kung hei fatt choy!

    Ahhh Sengkang… dejavu… 😉

    4f: i noticed you didnt take some shot of sengkang the last time you were there. this post is for you! kong hei fatt choy – tai gar kum wa!

  2. may said,

    very very the nice photo. I miss making these panoramic pictures… must re-practice my skillz!

    4f: tenkiu! are you in oz or pj?

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! how’s everything in the ‘new’ house?

    4f: still filling it with “stuff”. having a lot of dropped hair and fun at the same time. crappy hor?

  3. me said,

    u won’t know to appreciate the little red dot until u lived in their neighbouring city. the greens and the flat line would then be heavenly :-p another person frustrated with the system

    4f: hei will make it my new year wish to meet you at least once! no see make the heart grow itching ouch!!

  4. fantastflier said,

    somehow hor after staying here, actually I think HDB had a good thing going……….

    4f: their upgrading and mainenance program is the envy of private estates here in little dot. when are you touching down again here, flyboy?

  5. velverse said,

    happy new year ar…
    I felt like going to singapore all over again 🙂

    4f: hope to catch you this time!!

  6. Leonard said,

    phew, nice photography skills u have, i never master this feature on my digi camera!

    4f: tenkiu, it is the camera not me! 🙂

    sengkang = a HDB estate with all the english street names = a HDB estate easily to lost within…

    4f: agreed… can never differentiate rivervale, compassvale etc but nothing compare to punggol new town – edgefield plain?

  7. LM said,

    happy CNY!

    4f: tenkiu, hope you have had a good cny so far!

    you know, giant construction (and parking) site we live here! everyday, dig here dig there. One fine day we will just dig into the seabed and there goes the tiny red dot. *blub blub blub*

    4f: hope we dont end up with a 100 m deep sink hole like in guatemala! 🙂

  8. Simple American said,

    Green? So what color is money in Singapore?

    4f: we have the green $5 and red $10 and purple $50…

    I like the seamless nature of your photo(s) there. If they want Singapore to look like a garden city I suggest some trees. It is so flat. Good for footballers perhaps?

    4f: do you know trees are protected “citizen” of lil dot? there is a fine of $400 for illlegal felling of a “normal” tree and $10000 for a “heritage” tree. you can find lotsa trees here.

  9. me said,

    no see heart itches, see already heart mati. kakkakaka. some things are better left to the imagination.

    4f:ok, let me imagine – i see a helen mirren with a royal aura… nah i still want the real mccoy!!

  10. Mick said,

    Yup. Residents of the condo Compass Heights have it the best since they have the Sengkang MRT station and bus interchange literally below their feet. Then again, not all of them make full use of the convenient public transport system at their disposal since many of them drive their own car

    4f: thanks for putting name to the hyped bus stop hehehehe…. remember i once confused the rivervale in sengkang with the rivermall in downtown. lucky you clarified, otherwise i would have been lost in the wilderness looking for a non-existence meeting. :-). too many names with *river* & *raffle* here!

  11. hiaoauntie said,

    wah so nostalgic arrrr!!!! i moved out of sengkang new town in Jan 2007 after living there for 7 years… first in compassvale walk for 6 years, then compassvale street for 1 year… u can ask me anything about sengkang new town, i am the so called expert heheheh… but i still think living in sengkang is like living in the wilderness, so damn far away from everything…

    4f: you & mick r kampong folk wo!! sengkang will be near your office if you were an air stewardess or pilots hehehe… otherwise it will be 50 min train ride to orchard! 😉

  12. Kenny Ng said,

    Now days development just like growing wherever got piece of land. Happy CNY!

    4f: Hi Kenny!! we are a very NOledgeable country here – NO land, NO oil, NO Human Resource, NO sand, NO worry but unfortunately NO happy too! Had had a great CNY, tenkiu for your wishes!!

  13. happysurfer said,

    Hello SF, long time no talk. Best wishes for a new year filled with happiness, health and prosperity. Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

  14. mother superior said,

    Know something, brudder? I’m surprised you can even find a green plot of land in Singapore, and so huge too! Better appreciate it now, cos sometime down the road, it’ll be green no more, only new condos!!!

  15. HB said,

    y so many people moving to SengKang????

    4f: you mean moving out?

  16. me said,

    the royal aura belongs to king’s wife, not moi. and helen mirren? i’m 36, not 63 lah! u want to meet the real mccoy? can be arranged. just pick up the telephone book, look under ‘M” for McCoy, give him/ her a ring and arrange for a place and time to meet. ta dah! so witty of me! heehee.

    4f: one flying slipper going over to lenglui…

  17. Henry said,

    Hi There,
    Want to ask a question, since you guys are the Sengkang expert & I’m the new kid on the block… 🙂
    Is there currently private bus services running from somewhere around compassvale drive to shenton way / Tanjong Pagar area?

    4f: Henry, i had answered you in the email. Hope mike who is a sengkang resident can help you!!

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