High-End Public Housing

March 27, 2007 at 11:15 p03 (Random Observations)

As i was passing by Woodlands Drive 75 and Avenue 7, i chanced upon these developments. I was surprised by what i see! These developments are public housing in lil dot but judging from the look, i wont bat an eyelid if you tell me they are condos!

These are actually all high end public housing for the more fussy type of public housing dwellers.

Dont you agree that these developments do not fit your general perception of public housing?

Public flat at woodlands … price range: $200k to $300k. Couples whose combined income of less than $8000 are eligible for this type of flat.

Another type of public flat in the same price range


Executive condo… public flat built by private developers. price range: $400k to $600k. A special class of public flats for those not so deep pocket but with condo-living aspiration.

Another type of exec condo…



  1. Wuching said,

    so expensive! cannot afford lah me!

    4f: aiyoh… you got big house no need to live in a pigeon hole lah 🙂

  2. Simple American said,

    I don’t think I would mind to live in any of those. They all look quite nice on the outside. 🙂

    4f: yup there are quite a few expat living in these apt. guess they are here on local term

  3. Mick said,

    The design of new HDB flats has surely improved considerably within the last ten years. The new flats at Punggol even look better than some condos :p

    4f: ya and the apt size also shrink to condo level 😦

  4. C. Doodle said,

    Are they open to foreign ownership?

    4f: nope refer mick answer

  5. Leonard said,

    these design not bad sia…but woodlands damn ulu one, shld be quite cheap ba! the flat area should be small too… HDB expensive!
    everything expensive here… ask cocka buy and i stay for him!

  6. Leonard said,

    woodlands ulu one, still sell so expensive? the design not bad lar, but floor area sure small one.. i dont mind if cocka buy and i stay in for him! 🙂

  7. Leonard said,

    woodlands is so remote, but design not bad, floor area should be small. i dun mind if cocka buy and i stay on his behalf!

    good proposal if you can strike a deal with cocka! you can try the son-in-law route….

  8. may said,

    they all look the same to me… so glad that there’s more “variety” here, though it doesn’t make the city look as neat. but what’s a city without character, eh?

    4f: chaotically neat, thats what we are!

  9. zeroimpact said,

    Got studio one ah
    I like studio one

    4f: got but they are called grannies flat he…

  10. Mick said,

    To Cocka Doodle: No. HDB flats are meant only for Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Foreigners can only rent them, they can’t buy them.

    4f: thanks mick for the explanation! and you must form a family nucleus and have a combined household income of not more than $8000 per month to eligible

  11. LM said,

    Give me something on terra firma anytime. don’t like to live in those pigeon holes.

    4f: welcome to the club!!

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