Irony of Life

April 9, 2007 at 11:15 p04 (Random Observations)

Life is suffering for me. I suffer because there are strings attached to life on earth. I realized this hidden terms when I asked my dad for money for a trip during my school break in my teen. For teenagers now, holiday is an entitlement that you can ask your parent for. Not during my time.

I still remember my dad’s words. “Son, I can give the money for your hol but then you won’t enjoy it as much as if you were to earn it yourself.” Well, that’s my dad’s way of saying “NO”. Not wanting to waste a school break I went to look for a job. Preferably something light, pay well and not too far from home. Before long, I found a day job packing peanut that paid $3 bucks a day in one of the neighbour’s kitchen. Cottage industry was rampant in those days and it seems everyone was making some kind of stuff in either their kitchen or backyard.

The pay was not bad as my allowance was only $1 per week then. It was a monotonous back breaking job. By the time I saved enough for that trip, the school holiday was over. I ended the term break with no holiday and a sore back. I learned two important lessons. I had actually wanted to visit little dot with my friends then. Lesson no:1, if you dont want a life of sore back, better have enough vitamin “M”!

This little story is not unique or funny, so there is no punch line or words of wisdom in this last paragraph. But then, I thank all for staying the distance. Missing out on that trip to little dot, I had yearned not to miss another opportunity to “visit” again. So, after my “A” level I applied to study in little dot. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Now, I am “stucked” here and go back occasionally to my hometown for holidays! It is one of those little ironies of life. Lesson no:2.

“Be careful of what you wish for. It may actually come true!”



  1. wuching said,

    yeah! same here! now i go back to malaysia for horidays! hahahaha

    4f: malaysia is a good relax place. a big contrast for the bustling city!!

  2. velverse said,

    Haha… I always agree on lesson no. 2. The wishes always come true in a weird way.

    4f: can enlighten us on what are some of your wishes? maybe some uncles here can play santa claus!!

  3. zara's mama said,

    That’s my father’s advice to me, never ever married a foreigner.. b’cos you may end up spending all your money and days off coming back to Malaysia for a holiday instead of seeing the other part of the world..
    Sigh.. so I’m still here..

    4f: not when the foreigner is at your door step like in lil dot here!! the world is so globalized you cant really guess who you will marry in the future!!

  4. Winn said,

    nice lit story. i guess ur dad is right. but stil i dont mind if ppl wanna pay for my holiday! tee heheheehe!

    4f: come to lil dot and i buy you a big big diamond, ok?

  5. misti said,

    hope you’re alright. wish you well. 🙂

    4f: i am ok, thanks!!

  6. Leonard said,

    this is also the practice that my father plant into me. basically everything i owned or achieve are by my own hard work, except some which he do chip in to help a bit, with this practice, it’s true that i’ll cherish my own achievement or purchases.

    4f: i am sure your parents are very proud of you.

  7. me said,

    you’ve been ‘visiting’ long enuf, don’t you think? time to get yr butt back here!! some ppl ahhhhh, go for such long ‘visits’ *shakes head* :-p

    4f: hahaha…. i know i have been here for a long time. that’s why we are called Permanent Resident:-)

  8. Mick said,

    You must have been the studious type to be able to get to where you are today 🙂

    4f: there is a hole for every frog. glad i found mine

  9. HB said,

    Mine always came true… haha

    4f: whats yours? curious….

  10. ianfluenza said,

    It’s been a while…
    Anyways, when it comes to finally spending your hard-earned money on the things you aspire badly… I can vouch that it’s a whole lot more fulfilling than asking your parents to buy for you. This includes holidays as well…

    4f: but thats what modern parents are there for… bankrolling their kids needs. guess we are living in a different world from the one that our parents lived…

    But of course, when it comes to missing out a lot on travel opportunities, you might beg to differ. Yet, in a more positive note, by the time you are capable of earning the big bucks, the world’s within your reach… Coz you’ve got vitamin M haha!

    4f: with LCC and budget hotel, lonely planet guide…travelling has never been easier

  11. HB said,

    Time for a new post!

    4f: sorry, i am about 2 months late!! like they say, better late than never!


  12. LM said,

    And after that, the shine comes off, and the little red dot doesn’t seem as brilliant or full of hope anymore.

    4f: well, they just got to up the “X” or whatever factor!

  13. Robin33 said,

    Hmmm.. childhood memories and part of growing up. Good lesson which hopefully is valuable in life.
    Hey need you to come and support my blog for President’s challenge

    4f: Sorry Robin! a bit late for that!

  14. mother superior said,

    Hi SF, Been a while, I know. Something about your post struck me. I had borrowed some money from Dad before he passed away many, many years back. It wasn’t for a frivolous expenditure, but a mission trip to Pakistan to help the poor. What struck me was that he was in need of money too. So, there’s the irony, is it not? That he was ‘poor’, but I went to help the poor in Pakistan. Shouldn’t one help those at home before one extends abroad?

    4f: they are a lot of rich poor in lil dot. only a few poor rich. guess your dad is the minority.

    I think it boils down to not taking for granted those around you, esp those at home. Anyhow, I’ve sorted this out with the good Lord, who thankfully looks not at money issues, but at the heart.

    4f: money issues come in many facets. the obvious may not be right but the right is not the truth. only the end result is important.

  15. Mick said,

    There are people who excuse themselves from giving to charity by saying, “Chairty begins at home.” For them, charity begins at home and ends there too :p

    4f: charity? can start with a little less hoarding and start giving more. not only of money but stuff that we dont need any more

  16. spellbound said,

    Btw, I used to fold paperbags for CK tangs & Isetan when I am in my secondary school. Wanted to earn that amt for a dress I really like and to know that at the end of my the day, I have folded 1000 bag and only earned $30, not even enough to buy that dress. 😦

    4f: can EQ with you on that. i tried folding folder when i was a student in little dot for SIA. money is bad! but the lesson is invaluable if you are the optimistic type

  17. parka said,

    It’s only suffering if you have nothing to aim for or there’s no gold at the end of the rainbow.

    4f: suffering is in the air and with us. only the enlightened will “see”. gold is just an illusion for there is nothing more powerful than driven motivation

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