Father’s Day Message

June 16, 2007 at 11:15 p06 (News & Comments, Parenting & Parents)

Another letter to my unborn son….

My dear Son

It has been 12 months since the last letter I had written to you. Father Day is here again and I am still celebrating it without you. Daddy would like to let you know that Mummy and I had worked very hard during the last 12 months to call for you. The fact that this blog had seen little posting testify to that. You may ask why? Well, for the simple reason the time I write and post coincide with the time I call for you.

I don’t know why you are still not here. Maybe you are concern with the bad publicity of people taking pictures of other people private parts in public toilets and changing rooms. Don’t worry, if ever your kukujiao were to be “snapped” and posted on the internet, Daddy will ask uncle Ah Tak to photoshop your KKJ to look bigger and longer. We can’t beat the internet but we can alter the world wide web perception of you.

Son, I am writing to you to tell you a few developments in little dot that are not to your advantage. Prices of stuff in this island is going up a lot recently, NETS , GST, cable TV, COE, housing. But don’t worry son, we are not financially in distress of any kind. Just that if you delay your decision to come, the only X-BOX I can afford is those made of paper and the only Toyotas you are able to sit on are those from the taxi company!

The other development that will have a material impact on you is the government decision to increase the population by 50% over the next few years. You may ask how is that going to affect you. Well, as you know, the general population is underproducing to the tune of 1.26 for every couple. The government is going to make up the number by bringing in a lot of readymade talents from the neighbouring countries. As we are also trying to increase our family population by 50%, your Mummy is already toying with the idea to adopt you like what uncle lee is doing. If that happen, Daddy is not sure whether I will feel the same for you or not.

Auntie Zara Mama had recently advised Daddy to take some Guinness before calling for you. She said it will increase the drive. Although I am not an alcoholic drinker, Daddy & Mummy really love you and we will give it a try. So if you are reading this letter in a few years time, don’t forget to thank auntie Zara Mama. You can take this opportunity too to get acquainted with Zara and Zaria. They maybe too old to be your girl friends but they are wonderful people. The least you can do is put them on your MSN list.

Before Daddy pen off, I will let you in on a little secret. Recently Daddy realizes that my contribution to the ingredients that go into the making of you is running low. Maybe Daddy work too hard to prepare for your coming or it is just plain physical deterioration on my part. You have the news and the facts. Daddy knows the odd is against you but then, you just got to give it the extra oomph! The ball is in your court, Son!!

Son, let me remind you again not to forget to bring your KKJ! Why? – you may ask. Remember uncle Ah Tak? He only knows how to photoshop KKJ!

Happy Father Day!



  1. angel said,

    Looks like u hv to work harder then… good luck!

    4f: thank you! already work very2 hard liao….:-(

  2. zara's mama said,

    Auntie hope to see your dad proudly showing your kkj to the world soon too.
    Daddy and mummy have been working hard.. you cannot dissapoint them ok?

    4f: for your eyes only…;-)

  3. wuching said,

    little burung pipit’s on his way!

    4f: hehehe… hope mr stock dont anyhow drop my pipit hor!!

  4. may said,

    add oil, my dear burung pipit… lol! happy father’s day to you!

    4f: thanks! hows life at down under?

  5. zeroimpact said,

    Happy father’s day to you and go go go for it
    I’m sure you’ll succeed

    4f: thanks jiro!!

  6. me said,

    maybe your bb’s a girl and she’s angry with your preferential treatment, that’s why she’s still staying inside there??!!?! call it a ‘bb’ for now, ok? asexual for now.

    4f: lenglui! long time no see. beggar cant be chooser, right? oklah will call it bb for now!!

    go for the steak….ask her to put a pillow under her after the process and let her rest in a ‘bottom higher than top position’ to help the flow of the little wormies….you know the rest, i’m sure. go ask for expert help, if you haven’t. do it the clinical way, if you must. no half-cooked efforts anymore. if you want it, go exhaust all the possibilities. we’re behind you 110%………..but don’t picture us all standing there beside you cheering you on when you are in the process. :-p

    4f: wah you want ring side view hah? only tiger show can fulfill that hhaha.a.a.

  7. Leonard said,

    Oh no, you must be too tired to write here, now i know the reason! 😉 dun worry, i’m sure you can do it. if supply low, rest a few days before carry out. or maybe you would need some help in watching tv or pc screen for enhancement of the feel. if possible, can ask for stock from uncle ho, the master of all videos!

    4f: leonard dear, i know you got a lot of good videos. can pass me some…psst?!?!

  8. misti said,

    you and mummy have probably gone see doc already. if so, i join the rest here to add oil for you calling your little one fast fast come.

    4f: tenkiu… add oil… wanna make mummy scream for one hour after you know what!!

  9. Mick said,

    Baby hurry up and get born. Or else your dad’s Corolla Axio would not be so new by the time you pop out 😀

    4f: ya…any longre will have to scrap the car liao!!!

  10. Ricket said,

    Wear bower short instead of mini brief. Take cold showers only. Eat vitamins and exercise regularly.

    4f: beside taking vitamin, am doing all the rest. 🙂

  11. LM said,

    eat more proteins… build muscles. short of taking testosterone products!

    4f: i need more good swimmer! not muscle, man! 🙂

  12. Robin said,

    We can all use a little more wisdom, compassion and loving kindness in this little dot.

    Thanks for this wonderful post

    4f: wisdom, compassion & loving kindness is difficult to achieve with so much distraction in this world!!

  13. Robin said,

    Thanks for your previous visit to my blog at “Robin’s Empire”.

    I have decided to close this blog and start it as “robin’s karma” on 070707, 0707hrs.

    I acknowledged your visit and thank you for your comments in my final post for “Robin’s Empire”

    Thank you for being a cyberfriend.

    4f: thanks for dropping by and keeping me informed!

  14. Cocka Doodle said,

    You sure you’ve been doing it the right way ah?

    4f: brother cocka, can give some tip?

  15. happysurfer said,

    Best wishes, SF.

    4f: tenkiu!! nice to see you around!!

  16. Joshua said,


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