Nokia 3110

July 20, 2007 at 11:15 p07 (Default)

I saved a couple hundred of bucks today when i settled for the classic Nokia 3110 but broke the heart of the sweet young thing who try to sell me a top-end cell phone costing $700++ that do all sort of stuff except balancing your cheque book.

The new “cheapo classic” Nokia 3110 phone has “flight” mode that i like. in this mode, all radio frequency emitting functions are disabled without switching off the phone, which allows it to be used in a plane, ie all  functions like call/receive/sms are off. well, if you travel the LCC way, you  may need to kill time and this baby is just your perfect entertainment centre.

By the way, the Nokia 3110 cost SGD$98 if you subscribe to a SGD$28 monthly plan. the phone come with a 512mB storage card and USB cable slot. No “sudoku” game unfortunately, otherwise this will be the perfect companion on any road trip.



  1. wuching said,

    dun worry, just take that sweet young thing out to dinner & later make it up to her when u take her to a hotel!

    4f: wat liao! lidat after the hotel, no home to return to liao! but not a bad suggestion though…

  2. zeroimpact said,

    That is cheap, but bear in mind, the idiots that man the planes will still tell you no for to them its still a phone. I had that feature for what six months and no plane let’s me on it and listen to music with it, and it’s a 1000+ Sony Ericsson with flight mode, Idiots, idiots, idiots.

    4f: hahaha…. i guess the sweet stewardess just cant take chances lest everyone start taking out their cell phone.

  3. me said,

    no sweat. even newspapers have sudoku nowadays.hmmmm…..i think someone should come up with toilet paper sudoku! keke.

  4. zara's mama said,

    Can use mp3 player on LCC flight right? But you are good, you can stand the eye batting of a sweet young thing.

    If my hubby didn’t get a free Nokia N73 fr the phone company, I’ll still be using my black and white good old Siemen.

  5. Mick said,

    No handphone, regardless of how expensive or high-end they are, are capable of balancing your checkbook. On the contrary, the pricier they are, the bigger the hole they burn in your wallet :p

  6. Mick said,

    You could have gotten the Nokia 6233 which has a 2-megapixel camera instead of 3110’s 1.3 megapixels 🙂

  7. Maverick said,

    I prefer N95. Maybe I should try 3110 too.

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