Watch Show “Tempus” 2007

September 9, 2007 at 11:15 p09 (Jalan jalan, Life and its pleasures)

For one who has not been wearing a watch for the last ten years, i find it strange to actually spend an afternoon yesterday at the “Tempus 2007”, the watch show going on at City Hall Convention Hall at Raffles City. Well, Tempus 2007 is not a “normal” watch show, it is for those who have deep pocket & know their watches. I am neither but free wine and the sight of expensive toys usually will sway me off the trajectory of my mundane life.

Pardon my ignorance, isn’t a watch show is just like a car show with the attendance beautiful models, celebrities & expensive setting? Dawn Yang, the celebrity/blogger was there.

I showed my ignorance when i asked my friend who invited me to the show why there was no ROLEX booth. His reply, “same reason as why you wont find a Toyota Camry in a Ferrari show”. Well, it seems that ROLEX with their relentless marketing, high production rate and low R&D had fallen of the list of high end watch. If Toyota Camry cost about $3,000 in the watch world, i cant wait to see the Ferrari-equivalent!!

Tempus 2007 is definitely an eye opener for me and you can learned a few things too if you are thick-skinned enough to ask those suited “Hour Glass” sale rep manning the booths. According to the rep, a “Richard Mille” watch starts at $64,000 and a Urwerk starts at $90,000. Richard Mille watch is special cos it uses cutting edge material like fibreglass and Urwerk watch is made by “engineers” as compared to craftman.

For less than $10,000 you can have a piece of Francois Junod – a genius in making robotic figurine that can do functions like writing and drawing. Of all the pieces on display, i was marveled at a master piece of a man and a woman in a very compromising position engaging in an activity that is best kept in the bedroom.

I found that the representatives of the major watch brands were more interested to talk to you about the craftmanship and watch making than to actually do a sale. You would learn stuff like the anti-gravity device called “turbillion” that they put into their watches. With this device in, a watch can easily go up another $50,000 above the same model without it. I also learned another word called “complication”. A complication is like a special feature the craftman put into their watch. Turbillion is a complication.

This visit is really educational. At least now i know if i were to splash some hard-earned cash on a high-end watch, i would not go for the production-line Rolex.



  1. me said,

    no photos allowed for posh event like this??

    4f: yup, thats one regret cos i din intent to blog about it. will try to upload some video i took on youtube.

  2. Leonard said,

    hmmm…sounds like am educational and eye catching experience.

    at least you get to see such expensive watches! Cool!

    4f: u r right see but no touch!! beside watches there were a lot of birds out there.

  3. Simple American said,

    Would like to see that eh hmmm compromising position watch.

    4f: hahaha it is not a time piece. but two human robots. it is suppose to be a celebration of precision and micro engineering, the stuff that goes into watch making. i have the video taken with my watch-cum-handphone no less, will email to you after i download to the pc.

    In the mean time I use my PC or cell to track time. Cannot imagine spending house money on a watch.

    4f: i have a feeling these expensive is not make to tell time. if you look at an URWERK watch, you cant really tell the time from the surface. You got to be “taught” to look at the dials and “hands” to make up the time of the day. It looks very out of this world and high tech.

  4. zara's mama said,

    Aaaaah.. I use the pc clock to tell time too.. even though I’d been craving for a production-line Rolex, with the girls’ arrivals, I’d better keep it for their education fund.

    4f: with a family to take care, there is just too much opportunity cost associated with a $3,000 that we gonna blow over a prd-line Rolex. my fren who is a Exp-watch lover, the passion is more than just owning a time piece. For the cost of a car, it is better be passion than just functionality!!

  5. Maverick SM said,

    See Fei,

    It’s time you wear a watch. Otherwise, you may not know the time.


  6. Mockingbird said,

    You haven’t worn a watch for over 10 years? I guess you only use your handphone to tell the time heh? For me, i only stick to practical stuff. I’ve been wearing digital watches ever since i started wearing watches. I’d probably stick to Casio digital watches for the rest of my life :p If i have millions to spare, i would rather splurge them on a supercar rather than a watch. Just my 2 worthless cents anyway :p

  7. ylchong said,

    seeFEI! Looon time/dime no see, here or dare!

    I came from maverick sm’s and was mesmerised by thy HI-words.
    Mark Oct 10 in thy diary, TIME knot decided as I oso no wear of watch for lusty 6 years since “retirement” from MSM — but does the HP timepiece count as watch? We southerners are crashing on eeehPOH, make sure YOU n Howsy n Helen maketh goode hoRsts!:):):)

  8. LM said,

    I want a watch that can stop time around the globe. This watch I’d gladly pay high price for it. 😛

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