No time to think

September 30, 2007 at 11:15 p09 (General Chatter)

T., originally uploaded by kobayashi /paolobaldini.

I am throwing nike “just do it” slogan into the dustbin. do & do without thinking is getting me going but always, i ended up at destination that i had no intention of arriving. redo, rework and most of the time got to retrace the whole route. “back at square one” is not a feeling i like a lot.

i am saying this cos i am still in the office on a sunday evening due to some screw-up that was my own doing. I wont have wound up in this state if i had given the work the attention and ya, some thinking before i started.

well, i must think more. or get more colleagues to involve in this thinking thingy. if i screw up again, at least i will have more company to share a wonderful sunday evening like this!! for the new project just landed in my “IN” tray, i think i better email the boss tomorrow to get more resources!

“”Boss, i need a helper committee to get this project going !!!””



  1. wuching said,

    ask boss for more hands & more sexcretaries to help you also!

    4f: nolah! asking for less work is a better option.

  2. may said,

    wahai, burung pipit… long time no tweet! good to see you still alive and well. remember to rest as much as you think ok? đŸ˜‰

    4f: pipit is always around. only seldom touch down…:-)

  3. me said,

    fail and fail again…..and then you learn. it’s inevitable in the process of learning. at least now you are one experience wiser.]

    4f: wat? failure is the mother of success? no currency to afford failure nowadays… sad!!

  4. Len said,

    Long time between your last couple of posts,.. is your son born yet? đŸ˜€

    4f: the bugger is still struggling to see the daylight…

  5. LM said,

    That is what bosses are for! give them all your troubles!

    4f: bosses are to be fed. can stress them, you know!

  6. Maverick SM said,

    Nike & Richard Branson’s “Just do it” was not intended to be blind. It was about procrastination and taking the first step.

    4f: procrastination is an under rated virtue in this instant gratification world. just make sure the time loafing is spent on thinking and not day dreaming hahaha!!

    What is needed is not people, but knowledge of the work to be done, for as long as you had done it before successfully, it won’t give you hack… sorry, but I hope you will get things rectified successfully. Have a good time, See Fei!

    4f: knowledge workers heh? i am a fan of peter drucker. but with the internet, look like i am suffering from an info overload.

  7. happysurfer said,

    Poor thing, gotta work on a Sunday. Wifey no complain meh?

    4f: both in the same boat…

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