November 11, 2007 at 11:15 p11 (Hobby, Movies)

Transformer, is one of my favourites cartoons during my growing up years. When the movie version sailed into town, it is like a wet dream comes true for a young-at-heart like me. The only spoiler in the movie are the humans. The action scenes are too few and far in-between. It is like having sex but not reaching orgasm *sigh*. Since this is a made for human movie, cant really expect the robots to be the main stars, right?

Pumped up after the movie, i MUST get my “OPTIMUS PRIME” the toy!! Sadly, the only OP i can afford is those made in China model, costing S$12.90. The OP made by Harbro (the license toy maker) costs S$99 and out of my range.

Welcome to my made-in-china TRANSFORMERS…..


When they are not fighting a war, they are six hardworking construction vehicles….


If provoked, these construction vehicles can transform into six tiny green robots…

 The Ultimate Robot – can you still see the six tiny green robots?

As with all dreams, even the wet one, we wake up and go back to the real world. Now, this robot sits pretty in my store room and will only be come upon to entertain when the nephews and nieces visit…



  1. may said,

    dun bluff, you’ll be the one most entertained with your robots instead of your nephews and nieces… lol!

    4f: yup, never imagine the movie to give such cool factor!!

  2. wuching said,

    aiya, Hasbro ones also made in china one lah

    4f: ya but price like made in US of A

  3. zara's mama said,

    Wow.. what a Robot! But sooooo green! *put on sunglasses before taking another look at the robots*

    4f: you like too?

  4. Maverick SM said,

    Hello SeeFei,

    You still 10 years old ah? Masih main transformer? You know, now they make a robot that works and talks like LKY?

    4f: hahaha…yup since 10 years old and still playing. the movie makes playing with a 30 years old toy so cool, i like. where can buy this lky robot?

  5. Ian said,

    Uncle SeeFei! Long time no see!

    Those Transformers you bought are Constructicons! They should be yellow instead of green! Wahlaoz!!

    4f: green is the new colour for construction – green & sustainable building!!

  6. Mocking Bird said,

    Constructicons combine to form Devastator! 😀 i only had the Crane Decepticon. Can’t even recall his name now :p

    4f: ha? you into transformer too? your crane decepticon still with you? you must blog about it one day

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