Massage or Tui Na?

November 23, 2007 at 11:15 p11 (General Chatter, Singapore)

The shopping centre that I always go for my massage was raided by the vice squad two days ago. I didn’t know until I went for a rub this evening. Not that I am counting but I find the concentration of massage parlour in this particular shopping centre is rather high. Except the food court and basement level there seems to  be at least one massage centre at every floor and I am sure some are offering more than massage services.

The massage centres raided was on a higher storey than the one I usually patronize. From my personal experience the girls at the centres are rather aggressive. I remember after one session at my regular place, I went to collect my car at the carpark which is located at the same level of the raided massage centres. As I passed by the centres, the girls from the one of the centres approached me and started to grab my hand. Despite saying “NO” several times, the girl keeping asking me to give her shop a try. Feeling a bit embarrassed I quickly walked towards the multi-storey carpark entrance door. I was “chased” by the massage girl all the way from the front of the massage parlour right to the carpark entrance. She gave up after I slipped through the door….

When I related this story to my masseuse she laughed! She asked me why I didn’t try and give her a competitor report. Her shop and business was not affected by the raid, but thereafter, she receive some funny phone calls. As her shop serves mostly regulars like me & my wife, incoming phone calls are usually for booking. But yesterday she received a mysterious call asking specifically for massage services with emphasis on the phrase “massage services”.

She replied that they only do “TUI NA” and not massage. The caller asked what was the difference between “massage” and “tui na”. She replied, “…massage gives  you pleasure and “tui na” gives you pain.”

“So MR, if pleasure you are seeking, you should call the shop upstair!”

The caller hanged up after that.



  1. wuching said,

    I dunwan TUI NA, I want massage!

    4f: call me next time when in little dot! i will bring you there!!

  2. LM said,

    wahlao! she grabbed your hand! You should shout out “MOLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and the whole shopping centre floor will freeze. 😛

    4f: shy lah big ma lat low like me shouting molest! but it was really a harrowing experience having being chased by the massage girl!!

  3. zewt said,

    tui na… that is something new…

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