Good Deals in Town

December 2, 2007 at 11:15 p12 (Default, General Chatter, Singapore)

With inflation creeping up and prices of stuff going up, especially petrol which had surpassed the S$2 mark for 95 octane grade, some belt tightening measures are inevitable. Never one who take too much notice of advertisement screaming freebies, i have a change of heart recently. I never like freebies because i felt the givers are not really sincere as ALL freebies are inevitable inferior and cheap stuff with big company logo on it.

Recently i noticed there are some deals that are really good and attractive. I have made a short list of the deals worth going for. My grandfather doesn’t own these shops and this is not a paid post if you have not noticed by now, so read on and check out these deal for yourself!

POSB Bank is offering a S$150 Kenneth Watch for opening “save-as-you-earn” account. Catch: minimum monthly deposit of $300 over 6 months. Still on.

OCBC, S$180 timex watch for tranfering $8000 to its OD lines. Still on.

Singtel is offering Niitendo Wii game set with three games to new subscriber to its broadband. Catch: S$65/month subscription with a minimum contract period of 2 years. Deal ends on 2 Dec 07 Sunday.

Buy a home theater system at House Audio at Liang Court and get 60% discount. Catch: to qualify you must pick a number 0-9. if you number come out as the first digit of the Wednesday 4D draw top price, you will get the discount in voucher form. You chance of winning is 10%. Not too bad an odd. Deals end 31 Dec 07.

 If you are already saving $300 or more a month, have an outstanding OD worth more than S$8000, intended to get a game set and/or buying a new home theather, why not check out these deals. Of course, you have to be in little dot to qualify.

Deal or No Deal?



  1. wuching said,

    good deals…now how much your commission ah?

    4f: good deal lah! must ask your brother to try!!

  2. Maverick SM said,

    The promotions is great. It gives customers something beneficial.

    For me, I tried not to spent if possible; and if I had to, it must be value for money. Your intro of the products are more about savings; and that’s great!!!

    4f: well, some of my friends who read my blog are going for these deals. i can it is another way of satisfy our “want” without burning a hole in our pockets!!

  3. LM said,

    Don’t wana see all these ads. *closes eyes* will be less tempted. Yes you are right, the little dot has become scarily expensive for us peasants.

    4f: if it is a need and not a want, why not take a look?

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