Santa Claus full time job

December 14, 2007 at 11:15 p12 (General Chatter)

I think Santa Claus full time job is a computer programme who write “LOGIC”sub-routine for God to input into the puny little brain of this group of people called “BOSS”. Once, every year, God dedicated programmer will take leave to play Santa Claus, so we earthlings can feel merry and go shop and shop and more shopping.

This conclusion is derived after some deep thought and observing the behaviour of my boss during the last two weeks. The boss is normally a very reasonable character the whole year round but without fail, come December, the logic circuit in his brain will go kaput.

Workload had doubled during the last two weeks. Eating out of a polyfoam box is fast replacing my daily TV-dinner routine. Yet, the boss is expecting me to finish my extra workload in a double quick time. With a much shortened month of December due to Hari Raya Puasa and X’mas holidays, it is totally ABSURD. The boss is going away for his annual holiday soon and rubbing it in….

“Please finish before i go on leave, can?”

It is as if the boss is going to take all my work on his holiday, read through them, analyse the findings, tabulate the $$, do a ROR and roll out the project first thing in the morning when he come back to the office.

“God, if YOU are cost cutting, keep the programmer. We need logic and less shopping. Amen!”



  1. THB said,

    Shopping is to help circulate the economy… =)

    4f: actually i like shopping too but not necessary clothes and fashion… hehehe

  2. Leonard said,

    well, you can also applied for leaves too, but make sure the boss approved it.

    thats the life of an employee…what to do?

    4f: he will only approve it after he come back from holiday, so what’s the point 😦

  3. Maverick SM said,

    Have fun lah! It’s usual every year end. Every company also the same; every boss also the same. When you become a boss, you also the same. Have fun.

    4f: hahaha if i am the boss, i will declare 3 days hols for xmas and cny!! but i am sure i will have less clients after the hols hahahaha….

  4. wuching said,

    Merry Christmas to u & ur family Seefei!

    4f: tenkiu Wuching. I wish the same for you & your family too!!

  5. Cocka Doodle said,

    Merry Christmas & happy 2008, seefei! Let’s do dinner someday!

    4f: aiyoh wait for your dinner die long2 time ago hehehe… just give a call when in town.

  6. me said,

    *grins* a merry christmas to you n a very happy new year.

    4f: why grin? more white hair issit? *cabut*

  7. THB said,

    Happy New Year.. 🙂

    4f: never wish some of your Horniness to rub off on me hah? *sigh*

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