Will Smith – legend in the making?

January 5, 2008 at 11:15 p01 (Movies)


This is definitely a Will Smith’s movie albeit a disappointing one. Without his star power, this is one movie that will head straight to the DVD shelf. You know it is a Will Smith’s movie because he is the only actor for most part of the movie. The camera trained one full minute on his face when he was about to kill his infected dog. I was counting the minute because I was in a rush to be somewhere else during that scene. I was at the toilet door and missed the conclusion of that scene.

The movie is like “Castaway” meets “28 Days in London”. I have no problem with a “rojak” theme but then, this movie fails in its delivery on either front. There were weak attempts in exploring heavy topics like God, humanity etc and why bother if the attempts were half hearted. The actions were slow with a total of only three scenes with zombie vampires “encounters” with Will Smith. For a simple story like that, it will do no harm to sprinkle it with a little more action and suspense.

An advice for hard core fan of Will Smith, leave your logic at the door. The plot was full of holes, the whole movie feel like a string of scenes strung together with Will Smith as the linking pin. How the hell does Will Smith survive the attack of the beasties with the help of a spotlight where in the final encounter the lights were easily squashed by the beasties? The beasties seem to exhibit a propensity for learning when they set a trap for Will Smith after our hero captured one of their kind using the same technique. But then, they are not smart enough to trace his car to his apartment during the whole three years? The supposedly intelligent beastie leader using his head to break through a glass wall? Enough said.

Despite the shortcomings of the movie, I like the vista of a deserted New York. A New York that is filled with former residents of the New York Zoo, former humans and their dogs, our hero and his non-obedient dog. If you watch carefully, there is also a “Batman vs Spiderman” outdoor advertising sign on one of the buildings. Will Smith is credible as the last human with a mission to save the world but the movie is not. Using the “car” analogue from Emma Thompson in the movie, the experience is not unlike watching Lewis Hamilton in a Toyota Axio racing in a track during peak hour traffic.



  1. Bill said,

    I totally agree with you! This movie definitely disappointed me, and you listed out all my points 😉
    Great movie review!

    4f: hei Bill welcome to pipit world! you are the first new reader for 2008. For that you win our grand prize of US$1,000,000. Pls deposit US$15,000 into my account to process the prize.

    Congratulation again on being the first and only reader to get conned the grand prize!!

  2. Bill said,

    Huh? Are you kidding or what?! LOL

    4f: no kidding – you are the 1st new reader for 2008. as for the grand prize the only way to find out is to deposit US$15,000 into my account LOL

  3. Leonard said,

    really so bad ah.. me had it in my HDD..should i watch it anot?


    4f: watch it for Will Smith!

  4. immie said,

    Hi, why were you looking for OSF on my blog? Anyway it’s there somewhere in the archives, probably around July. It’s just a post ranting about her review on Transformers, that’s all.

    Cheers! =)

    4f: hahaha i am a fan of osf, in a way. she does brush up my english although 50% of the time i dont know what she is writing. the other straight times movie reviewer i like is tay yeak kek. a lot of nonsense but damn funny !! 🙂

  5. immie said,

    Hahah well, I guess you now know my opinion of her then.

    4f: yup. i read your post on transformer. i am a fan of transformer too, although i am not in the age group mentioned in your post. haha… heard Transformer 2 is coming next year in June!

  6. zara's mama said,

    So should give it a pass?

    4f: can if you are not a fan of will smith. bring a pillow if you insist of catching it!! hahaha…

    Btw, how are you? Happy New Year!

    4f: not good. fell sick on the first week of new year. still nursing a cough now. otherwise everything is good!!

    I like you Santa Clause post.. it was like that for me too just before the Christmas break! Crazy. Btw, I thought you are your own boss? No?

    4f: glad you like the “Santa Clause” post. yup i still do my own stuff. nevertheless, i call those fella “boss” who pay me for my services.

  7. LM said,

    THanks. nowadays with movie tickets so so expensive… it wld be prudent to read the reviews first.

    4f: movie is like a discovery for me nowadays. i will do the review research before watching it. watching movie “blind” nowadays is no fun especially those from adaptions from books like “harry potter” series, “golden compass” etc.

  8. Mocking Bird said,

    i was a bit disappointed with I Am Legend too. It’s not bad but it’s essentially just another zombie movie, albeit a more meaningful and thought-provoking one, compared to Resident Evil. Using a virus to cure people of cancer sure does sound novel though. Nonetheless, i think it’s rather forgettable. i prefer Will Smith’s “I, Robot”.

    4f: hi mike long time no see! welcome back. i like most of WS movie except this one. cant help but feel that the producer exploit his star power to carry this lame movie. i like i-robot too. a smart & visionary movie.

  9. Mocking Bird said,

    Talking about the car which Will Smith drove while hunting for a deer. It’s a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Wonderfully fantastic American muscle car. 5.4 liters. 500 horsepower. Its engine sounds fantastically wonderful.

    4f: hahaha me no car buff lah. but i tot the car looks like bumble bee and i expect it to turn into a giant robot and knock the hell out of the zombies!! man one last stand against zombie, an alliance with the transformers!!

  10. Mocking Bird said,

    Robert Neville always made it a point to return home way before the vampiric zombies start to comb the streets. That’s why they didn’t know where he stayed until the woman rescued him and left a trail of his blood for them to track him to his house. Apparently she was able to fend them off with her super powerful UV ray torch without letting them smashing it into bits.

    4f: yup and the watch he wore in the movie is a hamilton. a brand placement in a Will Smith’s movie? hahaha i think the director really worry this movie will bomb big time!

  11. Leonard said,

    just watch it last night, frankly said.. disappointing. never watch the original but sure this one sure a “legend”

    hahaha at least you can sleep if you are bored if you watch it at home!! smart move :~)

  12. The Horny Bitch said,

    They spend all the money on WIll and no more money to employ other extras… Think the movie was ok only…

    4f: insightful remark!

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