My “Robinson Crusoe” holiday

January 18, 2008 at 11:15 p01 (Jalan jalan, Life and its pleasures)

If you spend most of your life living in an island, you grew to accept the sea as the boundary of your existence. You dont want to go beyond the limit of your beach. You learn to love the beach and everythings that has been written about it…..the wave, sand, sound, smell, sunset, slow walk,  nudist etc. ok, maybe except the nudist cos there are none on our beach.

So, it is shameless to say that i spent the last Deepavali holiday in a beach hotel at the fringe of this little island west coast – Sentosa Island. I managed to convince my wife that it was worth our while to visit Sentosa before the integrated resort claim it as a “must-go” crowded & noisy & expensive touristy place. I dont hate tourists but it is just awful seeing all your serene “backyard” turning into one hot tourist spot after another!!

We chose Siloso Beach Resort, it was half finished hotel with no facility except a very nice set-in-nature swimming pool. I have no other choice cos it was the only one with room available below $300++. Ya, i am not only a lazy, but cheapo  bugger too. Located within 30 minute drive from my home, Siloso Beach Resort is the perfect destination for the “robinson crusoe” in me. And it come with a nice bonus too, ample empty carpark lots.


The rooms are all sea-facing and the room doors open to face the pool and the lush forest. Nothing to cheer about cos the seaview is nearly non-existence due to the low level (highest floor is 7th storey) and the number of high trees in front of the hotel. Anyway, we were there not for the view and it didnt matter. Really! WE just need a comfortable to do our biz.


If the beach is not your cup of tea, the pool is a good alternative. Nice pool but no semi-naked blonde around though. I was disappointed, just a little bit. Guess the action was at the beach.


We went to watch the “song of the sea” – a dance & song & laser performance. One of those touristy performance that was forgetable that you only go to “kill” time. Silly me wasnt it? You went for a holiday and “kill” time by watching a silly show like this. BTW, the stage is on the left and in the background is our oil refinery complex. The performance had not started yet.


This is my favourite moment. Dinner at the beach bar watching the sunset. The food was lousy and pricey. But we didnt care. It felt so good to just sit there with wifey and watching the sun set in the horizon. Hadnt done this for a long time with wifey, we felt like dating again. We will be back!!


The beach was crowded but not overwhelming. Still no semi-naked blonde in sight. Maybe it was Deepavali and the action was at little India in Serangoon road. My disappointment was complete. Wifey was just so happy to still have the space to walk around with our bare feet on the beach. When she is happy, i am happy too. I am a man easily contented and my disappointment was very soon forgotten.


Sunset at Sentosa… my kodak moment! For one living in an island, i see very little of the beach. This must change. Wifey and i actually feel happpy to be here. This feeling, we want to cherish and perpetuate. If i can have a belated resolution for 2008, this is IT. My relationship with the beach will change. I will see more of you, Beach. Promise!



  1. angeles said,

    ahfeikor… lei hou maa? very happies go horniday eh? good.. must be happy all the time! 😉

    4f: thank you, i am fine. aiyah just go down to the beach only, where got holiday? lucky turned out better than expected! 😉

  2. mistipurple said,

    wah, good husband good husband, lol!

    4f: what is good? bad is good!!

  3. Leonard said,

    finally all the impressive SeeFei photos return in this post…the last one is jaw dropping!!

    4f: thank you for the complement. long time never take photo for the blog liao. i was also pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

    i just wonder why you have your wife and still think of semi-nude ang moh!! please, back to the hotel room and wah-la!! (sorry not trying to be rude here! no offence!)

    4f: men are hum sup wan, you dont know meh?!!

  4. winn said,

    so lomantik….good to know and more holidays for you both kkkk

    4f: did you married sengkor and hijack his blog? how come you link back to his whatcraps blog? quiet lady work fast hor!!!

  5. Mocking Bird said,

    Lovely shots 😀

    4f: thank you!!

  6. LM said,

    You should really get away from this “island”. Go to other much much better islands with no blockages (ugly highrises) with only the horizon, the sky, the blue waters and the sun/moon as your constant companions besides your other half. Go to the islands off the east coast of Johor (Pulau Aur, Dayang) or further up north to Pulau Redang, Perhentian.

    4f: i will take your advice when i next want to spend time on another island beside this one! you have quite an impressive list there, have you visited them in the past?

    Or if you want to “kill time” by watching something better, go Hawaii or FSM (Federal States of Micronesia)

    4f: ok, will go into the list too. thank you.

  7. Maverick SM said,

    This is surely paradise. You have a good life afterall.

    4f: life is suffering. it is how you make it less so that is the part we called life.

  8. nyonyapenang said,

    A happy couple enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Beautiful indeed.

    4f: happiness is always good when cheap simple and not too far away from home hahaha… nice to see you again!

  9. helen said,

    300?? I die liao.. if you convert to RM worse.

    4f: u r right. i spend the same amount in RM in shangrila penang. nice beach and can go horse riding too.

    It’s beautiful but then no time to balik kampung and visit our beaches meh? Tsk Tsk that price hor, Four Seasons also can afford already. 😛

    4f: seldom go back with no airasia flying to ipoh. miss those rm35 (tax included) flight ;-(

  10. Fantasyflier said,

    hallo me coming back.. 😀
    got time for kopi or not?

    4f: yo! give us a tinker! we will paint the town red together!!!

  11. The Horny Bitch said,

    So nice! I like the pic of your shadows. You make me wanna go sentosa again!!

    4f: sentosa is getting crowded and expensive. it will be another orchard very soon!!

  12. zara's mama said,

    Wah.. so romantic.. My hubby will not go and stay in a hotel if the place is not like at least 2hrs drive away.


    It looks very nice actually, doesn’t look like Singapore at all.

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