Edison Chen a fan of “Sex & the City”?

February 23, 2008 at 11:15 p02 (News & Comments)

Will you videotape me?

“Ed, How could you do such thing?”

This “Edison Chen” saga reminds me of Samantha “the man-eater” request in one of the “Sex & the City” TV episodes. Sam was about to hit the sack with a male model when she saw these stacks of video tapes next to her mate bed. There was a video player and a tv beside the bed, so she popped one tape into the player. Viola, out came the passionate scene of the male model having sex with a well-known female model. Sam was so turned on by the “action”, she requested that their romp between the sheet be taped too.

You may think that Sam was crazy but the woman was heart broken  when her request was rejected. It seemed that the male model only video celebrities. Sam, an event organiser was definitely not in the same league. When the Edison Chen story broke, i nearly fall off my chair. Gosh, i thought these erotic video/photo are the stuff only overly imaginative TV screen writer can dream of! Obviously, i am wrong here. *sigh*

If Edison is really a fan of the TV series, i am sure the list of his female buddies are longer than the magnificent seven reported in the paper! No wonder “Sex & the City” was banned in the free-to-air TV here in uptight little dot. Even that, not longer ago, we had this aspiring politician taking nude photo of his maid and reported by none other than his wife!! The last we heard of the man, he had left the political arena.



  1. HopefulPessimist said,

    Thanks for dropping by :). I like this one better though :p

    4f: there is always space in pipit’s nest for HP! welcome & datang lagi yah!

  2. Leonard said,

    really ah, sex and the city so geng one ah!!

    i’m a fan of edison chen now and most of all, i’ve forgave him!!!

    4f: man, u got a big heart. not a good time to be a fan of his now since he is quitting the entertainment industry… or you mean you wanna start videotaping your sexcapade too? muahahaha…..

  3. Leonard said,

    aiya, you don’t understand!! i’m a fan of him because of him “sharing” all the photos!! i want more but now seems no more le.. sob sob!!

    4f: got some to share with moi or not?

    videotaping ah, dun wan la, wait shake head on own performance. you videotapped, share share lei!! :X

    4f: sshh… cant tell here ok?

  4. The Horny Bitch said,

    And that man used to be a Health Minister right.. 🙂

    Anw, thank you very much.. 🙂

    4f: nope. it is our own nmp steve chia.

  5. zara's mama said,

    All kinds of weird people around..

    4f: … but the bad news is their antic can be uploaded to www for all to see!

  6. The Horny Bitch said,

    Hey, do u know u don’t need to log into blogspot to leave comments on mine? Click on open id and u can leave with wordpress.. 🙂

    4f: okidokie. actually i log in using blogger cos the avatar is very nice…. 🙂

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