Malaysia GE2008: Pipit’s Wish List

March 15, 2008 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

Malaysians have voted and a new government is in place. In view of the new makeup of government with a strong opposition, pipit has a little wish list. Here goes…


·         Open tender system for all governmental contracts and concessions

·         “Better” remuneration package for all civil servants to eradicate corruption

·         “Better” education system starting with a review of the system and highlight problems like why certain race is dropping out of school early and how to help reduce the rate of drop-outs

·         “Better” public transport policy with a better inter-connectivity between the different modal of transport like car-train-bus etc

·         A future plan that is not based on neither the lucrative oil economy nor communal politic

·         Alternative to NEP should be spelt out clearly to prevent any misunderstanding


On a more personal note, can we have some alternative to the existing single-race menu/stall at the North-South Highway R&R stops? I think all Malaysians, visitors and tourists deserve more than just mee rebus or mee soto, right?



  1. me said,

    but pipit is in the small dot, what will the effects of pipit’s wish list have on pipit? pipit flying back home?

    4f: pipit home is where pipit is welcome 🙂

    i feel the same abt the highway menu. like they are the only ones who eat. and btw, some of them are so dirty and u hv to fight with the flies for food 😦

    4f: you got lobang to protest ini punya matter?

  2. Maverick SM said,

    Wah, you have so many wishes…. can discount or not?????

    4f: agreed some are broad like the future plan but really hope malaysia will be able to stand on their own when oil runs out. malaysian transport policy of one person one car is terrible! one of my fren in KL have to get a spare car in case his or his wife’s car break down. They live in a neighbourhood where there is no public transport. so, 2 adults 3 cars!!!

  3. lling said,

    The next step is to get this list to Jeff Ooi our DAP blogger.

    4f: You mean Yang Berhormat Jeff Ooi? 🙂 Pipit’s opinion is not unique or borne out of deep research. I am sure YB is well aware of the problems the nation is facing…

  4. The Horny Bitch said,

    hahaha. Yes. I agree.. Can we have some pork?

    4f: should ask banquet food court to run the stalls. all halal food from all races!

  5. The Horny Bitch said,

    Heyhey. It wasn’t the first time I meet Kenny.

    4f: u one lucky HB!

    He is a humble guy with no airs. Love him more each time.

    4f: “chubby, humble & no air” *pipit taking note and passing to its single male fren* 😉

  6. Leonard said,

    that’s good for Malaysia, so will it happen in your adopted home?

    4f: different homes different decor, cant compare! why no news on your pajamas party in KL?

  7. The Horny Bitch said,

    Haha. Just a fren.

    4f: u frens are very diversified, from the quiet leonard to the boisterous k-sia…. it is a good thing! u have a rich life, THB!!

  8. Leonard said,

    kaoz, pajama updated, food updated and yet you chat with THB here *very angry*, hoggd her blog *very angry*

    get ur arse over to my side hor!!

    4f: your side got leng lui / chio bu or not?

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