Vantage Point – die2 must watch!!

March 24, 2008 at 11:15 p03 (Movies)


No spoiler here but this is a simple movie of the US president and his guardian angel Dennis Quaid. The US president went to talk 3 talk 4 *about world peace, what else!* in Spain and got shot. Point of view from eight fellas were joined together to retell the scenes leading to the assasination and we get this movie.

Why i like this movie?

Got Dennis Quaid – like this fella cos got a damn serious look, almost authoritative. But not the kind of character that i would like to meet in real life. He anchored the movie with a performance that is solid yet vulnerable.

Got alien smasher Sigourney Weaver – SW looks stunning as the production manager of the studio network covering the occasion in Spain. Another strong woman role for SW – look like she is type casted after her alien-kicking days!

Forest Whitaker – Love him for his potrayal of Idi Amin in another show. But unfortunately, his character is the weakest in this movie. His “visiting tourist with a video cam” role was, IMHO,  created as a link pin so the whole plot make sense. It takes a lot of artistic license for me to believe that the playback from the video cam helped in solving the case.

The car chase in the movie was superb. How the hell the director managed to let it rip in a street crowded with people and cars is simply awesome!! Dennis Quaid in a Mazda 2 cub is  ridiculous but very cute!

The assasination technique is very high tech, but very believable! It seems the bad guys are highly cerebal fellas. If that is an indication of the capability of the bad guys nowadays, it is not hard to believe that a limping middle age man can escape from the island of alcatraz!!

 WELL, that Pipit view of the “Vantage Point”

 Hope you like it too!!



  1. me said,

    i’ve already seen it. i like it too, though the ending seemed a little silly

    4f: cant believe a cold blooded murderer will bother with the life of a lil gal, right?


  2. Leonard said,

    really so good that die die must watch meh!

    okie, i’ll know it down!

    4f: you will like it for sure!!

  3. wuching said,

    I want to watch but its not available in good quality bittorrent yet! 😛

    4f: there are some nice cinemas at your place. dont BT too much 🙂

  4. Maverick SM said,

    Bcoz, you say so good, I must go buy the DVD.

    4f: what dvd? bring the bini out for a swing lah!!

  5. 9394 said,

    The way the story goes is superb but I can’t accept the car chase people end up with those guys on feet.

    4f: aiyoh tai kor welcome! mutt fong blow you here.

    a very shiok movie with a lot of suspense and action. concur that the end of the car chase was too illogical. cant imagine a cold-blooded killer will stop for a lil gal!

  6. The Horny Bitch said,

    I caught that movie too. Very nice!

    4f: when? why nvr call me to join you!

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