Wordless Wednesday #01- Playful Cloud

March 26, 2008 at 11:15 p03 (Tag)


A view from my window caught last week



  1. Janice said,

    Nicely distributed clouds. Fantastic shot 🙂

  2. Urban Thought said,

    Great shot!

  3. Leonard said,

    Hmm..how you define the cloud as playful?

    nevertheless, impressive shot! keep it up! 😉

  4. Leonard said,

    Bro, need to advertise yourself at http://www.wordlesswednesday.com/ if not nothing know of this impressive photo!

  5. Sreisaat said,

    Looks like a cotton carpet embracing the sky!

  6. pelfy said,

    Very creative shot of God’s artwork (=

  7. Sreisaat said,

    Hello Seefei. Thanks for visiting me today.
    I work as a Research Manager for a rural ICT (information and communications technology) project in Cambodia covering two provinces in Cambodia. And that’s why I travel to these two places, not to mention overseas for conferences and workshops.

    4f: wow! that response was quick! Cambodia is a beautiful scenic place and may i look forward to more beautiful pic on your WW. I dont mind you break the “no-word” rule cos the narrative are very relevant to the appreciation of your masterpiece.

  8. June said,

    Great shot! The lighting is fantastic. happy WW

  9. Frigga said,

    That’s pretty, I love how clouds form such interesting shapes and patterns.

    Happy WW 🙂

  10. keith hillman said,

    A really moody photo.

  11. seefei said,

    Dear all,
    Thank you for dropping by and taking time giving these motivating comments. This is my first attempt at WW and i am encouraged by your responses. I will try to check out your blog in return but if i am slow in doing so, please bear with me.

    I will be back, next Wed and thank you all, once again!!

    Happy WW to all of you!


  12. lling said,

    Great shot. Like the shilhoutte background. Looks like the outline of a castle ruins.

    4f: thank you! i would prefer more detail in the background but dont have time to photoshop it.

  13. The Horny Bitch said,

    Nice clouds…

    Anw, The answer has been revealed. Pls check. Thank you.

    4f: coming….

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