Wordless Wednesday #02- Housemate

April 2, 2008 at 11:15 p04 (Tag)


Meet my cheery housemate, “Ramsey” the ram-fish!



  1. burntofferings said,

    We had a fish for a house mate too until L changed the water and added a little to much water ager…

    Great looking fish. Our WW is up as well at burntofferings.

    Have a great WW!!

    4f: thanks for dropping by. had checked out your blog and i must admit that you are very good with your macro photography!

  2. eastcoastlife said,

    One fish is too lonely. Everyday swim round and round the tank where got fun! Get one opposite sex and see the joyous play!!

    4f: as a matter of fact we have a tankful of rams, guppies, cories, tetras but only the ram will come near the glass and “pose” for photograph! when my photography improves, i will take all of them together!!

  3. mama meji said,

    We have few of these housemates at home, too. They are guppies (I’m not sure if the spelling is right). Smile.



  4. val said,

    Hi Ramsey 😉 hihihi.. I hope he’ll find his soul mate soon.. 🙂 hehehe

    4f: unfortunately Ramsey tank soul mate just went to the big aquarium up there. will be getting some play mate for Ramsey soon heheheh….

  5. Cocka Doodle said,

    Hi Ramsey! can you show Seefei how to ram? LOL

    4f: cocka, no need! l learned a lot already from visiting your blog

  6. Gina said,

    I LOVE this WW.

    4f: Glad you did

  7. me said,

    laughing at cocka. cocka, just enrol seefei in your yamade university lah.

    4f: enrol ridi!! *psst* have you submit your enrolment form yet? would like to be your class mate wo!!

  8. lling said,

    My housemates are mostly the cool lizards, busy ants and once awhile visitng wasps.

  9. The Horny Bitch said,

    Only 1??

  10. Ramsey’s Garden « Burung Pipit said,

    […] There seems to be a lot of interest on my housemate Ramsey, the ram-fish after this post. […]

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