April 8, 2008 at 11:15 p04 (Pics/Photography, Random Observations)

“he aint heavy, he is my brother”

caught these two ants outside my apartment last weekend. one of them is dead and the other was presumably carrying its fallen brother back to the nest.

p/s sorry for the grainy shot cos the photo was taken in low res & due to cropping



  1. Maverick SM said,

    The ants also have emotional attachments.

    4f: animal instinct?

    Love; even ants have; but not politicians.

    4f: Politicians have loving heart too – love for sex & orgy, money, power and fame ….. muahahahaha!

  2. The Horny Bitch said,

    Sobz.. Your words are so touching but I doubt the action has anything to do with it cos ants will break the other body parts of the ant and goodness knows what they do with it.. =(

    4f: why so pessimistic? must believe in the good-nature of being…

  3. me said,

    i don’t know why, i cannot tahan to see insects close up. gives me the goose bumps

    4f: watch this blog… more insects & bugs photography shot coming!!! 🙂

    actually after hearing your rant on the lack of time & space for photography, it gives me this challenge & inspiration to do a few posts on “photography for the buzy silai”. kill two birds with one stone – photography & blogging!

    thank you me!

  4. happysurfer said,

    Hi Seefei, great shot. He ain’t heavy, eh? Cool!

    Thanks for dropping by after so long. Elated! Hope all’s well. Baby, ada? Will have to read further to find out.

    Best wishes for the new year!

    4f: bayi talak masih cuba

  5. kat said,

    Thanks for the tip on camera reviews.

    4f: You are welcome. So, what camera are you buying?

    Every time I see your name, I always remember cocka’s nickname for you.. 😀

    4f: what’s my nick? how come i dont know?

  6. lling said,

    Mighty strength comes in small sizes

    4f: still in penang?

  7. may said,

    I’d hate to spoil it but… I think its carrying the other ant back to the nest to… be eaten? eek! nice shot tho.

    4f: bury the fallen in ant cemetery?

  8. aston said,

    4f: sorry – your content is not relevant to this post. thank you for dropping by.

  9. kat said,

    Cocka’s nickname for you – Flying Shit (can be seen on his sidebar!! ) 😀

    4f: cocka is always full of shit!

    Still considering either Lumix or Canon. What’s your opinion?

    4f: i think you are talking about ultra compact camera that you can put into your pocket of handbag. if you only take scenery and people in group, go for the latest lumix. it has 25mm wide angle len and Ai mode for backlighting compensation.

  10. Leonard said,

    so sweet and sharp eyes for spotting the brotherhood!

    4f: you are back! miss your last wordless wednesday!!

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