What is my odd?

April 24, 2008 at 11:15 p04 (Default)

What is my odd of hitting the first prize?

Not much, judging from money printing nature of Singapore Pools. Don’t ask me for the fact as this is just “kopi-tiam” talk. The fact that the government is not privatising this company speaks volume about its profitability.

It is difficult not to be a gambling man in lil dot as Singapore Pools offering wager on everything you can take a punt on. Football? F1 Grand Prix racing? Horse? Toto? 4D? You bet are on, even on the first day of Chinese New Year! Furthermore, there is always an outlet in your neighbourhood.

To a lot of punters, it is their way of buying hopes. Others, it is just money down the drain. Quoting and para-phrasing from a prominent minister in lil dot…

“You can lose many many times, but all you need is to get lucky ONCE!”




  1. wuching said,

    when u win u fly me to singapore okay?

    4f: u guess it, when i hit the jackpot! 🙂

  2. Leonard said,

    I do buy “hope” too and hopefully I’ll strike this weekend!

    pray for me… thank you…

    4f: no need to pray! buy more hope more and everything will be ok!

  3. Maverick SM said,

    You will get your luck soon, because you have passionately waited for it to come.

    4f: unfortunately i am not a gambling man.

    Where is my kopi???

    4f: *kopi satu for SM!* ordered already. pls give me your contact so i can deliver it to you personally!!

  4. Mockingbird said,

    50:50. You either win or you don’t win :p

  5. Mockingbird said,

    “You can lose many many times, but all you need is to get lucky ONCE!”

    Sounds similar to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ motto of not letting the terrorists succeed in their plots against Singapore.

    “We have to be correct all the time. Whereas they (the terrorists) only need to get it right, once.” – Home Affairs Minister Wong Kang Seng.

  6. mohd din said,

    Wow !! I love to bet on Singapore Pools 🙂

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