May 15, 2008 at 11:15 p05 (General Chatter)

Thought of buying a DSLR camera lately but after reading about William Tsoi and kenrockwell exploit with their compact cameras, i am not so sure. That DSLR buying decision can wait. William and Ken website are full of very wonderful pic taken with their compact cam. There are also tips on how to achieve the same effects by adding some simple accessories to your compact camera.

Their recommendations:-

  • get accessories like tripod, wide angle and macro lens to extend the capabilities of your camera
  • learn to use the P, Av, Tv and M mode of the camera
  • understand the physic of light

and voila!, you can shoot like pro too, with just your compact cam. but some scenarios just cant do with compact cam like event and sport. so, unless you are photojournalist and wedding photographers, you are better off with your compact cams.

i bought an adapter, a tripod and a wide/macro lens for my Canon A80 and tried out a few shots from my living room. One of the better one is the “sunrise” shot taken this morning.

Technical data for the “sunrise” shot

  • setting: Av, 1/50s, f8 handheld
  • manipulation: none
  • post production: noise reduction and some sharpening

Do you like the “sunrise” shot?




  1. me said,

    it is very beautiful, but when blown up, there are some noise still. could be sharper with SLR u think?

    4f: wa, u blow up and check my photo hah! thank you very much. p&s cam cannot blow up too much due to the low res and dynamic range. a slr will definity give better result.

    but the sky is the easiest to take, everything is so beautiful. the many combination of colours, the everchanging scene..every one of them unique. but then i know crap about photography.

    4f: the sky is easy but a lot will depend on timing. i am a newbit to photography too. that’s why i tried out with so many photo of the same sky from my living room.

  2. The Horny Bitch said,

    Yes. =)

    4f: 10Q

  3. zeroimpact said,

    Very nice picture there… and yes, compact can do wonders with the accessories available in the market now
    Happy experimenting with all the gadgets you bought!

    4f: actually the photo does not like very nice when seen through computer monitor. but i guess good enough for web posting kekekeke….

  4. Leonard said,

    ya..the sun rise photo very nice..

    4f: tenkiu…

    i also dunno how to use the P, Av, Tv and M mode of the camera, just used the default setting of my P mode…point and shoot…

    4f: try out the different mode and metering option. you will get better result!

  5. ahtak said,

    Will be in Singapore this weekend for a wedding job. Got to time have a coffee on Monday ?~

    4f: wow look forward to see you!!

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