Half Year Report

June 2, 2008 at 11:15 p06 (Life and its pleasures)

“dusk at kuching”

2008 is half gone… reporting time

  1. baby project failed… again. seeking consultant help now.
  2. work-life balance had reached equilibrium, finally. not for long though cos need to work doubly hard to pay off the consultant for the baby project
  3. finally took a trip oversea for holidays after 4 years of marriage. thanks for the convenient of cheap airflight but dont think this will last long as oil price is going north
  4. picking up photography again after giving away my film dslr years ago

life has been fair so far, no complaint.

2nd half crystal ball gazing

  1. may be expecting a long term guest into the household
  2. becoming a lab rat, ie in and out of hospital undergoing lab test
  3. more traveling, for biz and leisure
  4. more photography projects

expect a more hectic and crazy schedule.



  1. winn said,

    ahhhhh. dont worry keep trying!! 🙂 buy an ice cream it keeps stress away

    i love chocolate mint.
    cookie and cream also can….

  2. Leonard said,

    sigh… all the best in the baby project!

  3. happysurfer said,

    Best wishes on the baby project. Holidays are good. They take away the stress.

    Wei! Half year is only at the end of June, mah.

  4. Mockingbird said,

    Oil prices may be high. But budget airlines’ tickets will always be cheaper than those charged by premium airlines 🙂

  5. Mockingbird said,

    Were you given the opportunity to implement your baby project when you were younger? i mean when you just got married? 🙂

  6. Mockingbird said,

    i have taken tons of photos on my camphone. Quality substandard one lah. haven’t found the time to transfer them onto my PC and upload them onto my blog. Too much hassle i think :p

  7. Maverick SM said,

    I am a forecaster; you’ll receive your desired blessings this year. Thank me after the good news received.

  8. me said,

    sounds like finally u r living your life for yourself. 1st holiday after 4 yrs of marriage?? no wonder baby project is not productive. you are too stressed. go out there, bask in the sun and enjoy the process.

  9. Mockingbird said,

    What advice would you give to newly wed couples who are in their late 20s and early 30s? Would you advice them to start their baby project as early as possible? Would advise not to defer their baby project until they are in their late 30s, early 40s and onwards?

    He who waits for conditions to be perfect first before sowing will never sow because conditions will never be perfect in this imperfect world.

  10. LM said,

    Mockingbird said it right.. there is no perfect time.. cos we don’t even know what tomorrow brings. But then, the world is not young anymore.

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