Hands UP!

June 11, 2008 at 11:15 p06 (Hobby, Pics/Photography)

my first attempt at close up photography with my new DSLR pentax camera. the shot was taken with the 18-55 kit lens. the model is ZAKUII from the “Gundam” anime series.

The toy was a present from my cousin and was one of my favourtie collection of toys. i actually have a few more of these *ahemm*. This particular one has an interesting storey behind it. It was “accidentally” given away to a relative in China by my mum a few years back. All cos this particular one come with a nice box that i never opened then. So, mum thot i have no interest in it as it was left untouched in the glass cabinet.

In the end, I had to ask another relative to go to China to retrieve it back for me.

Marvy, if you are reading this, you know this is “big boy” toys, just like the transformer!!



  1. me said,

    hahaha. u actually retrieved it back?! must have meant quite a lot to you. bet your relatives in china think you’re el cheapo. keke.

    4f: yup, i asked a relative from HK to go over and take it back. lucky i got understanding nieces and nephews hahaha….

    what is it with big boys and little toys anyway? everybody seems to have it.

    4f: well, marv think i am too big for toys but then there are some toys you never grow out of it.

    it’s very clear and sharp pic. nice.

    4f: thanks. i am surprised too by the sharpness of this straight out of the camera photograph with no post-processing!!

  2. klhappysurfer said,

    That’s a nice figurine. Good thing you were able to retrieve it. Nice shot of it too.

    4f: thanks! still learning photography!!

  3. Leonard said,

    “This particular one has an interesting storey behind it.”

    ahem…typo seefei!!

    4f: thanks! now i know you read through every lines hahaha….

    so this is your fetish! haha

    4f: joining my fetish soon? tot you are into photography also?

  4. Chen said,

    Nice shot. Your toy has traveled to China and back 😀

    4f: welcome doc!! since you are also into photography can share2 here! you have the tamron 90 macro lens, look forward to some great macro shots from you.

  5. LM said,

    Everyone’s into DSLR. A friend was just brandishing her new Nikon D300!! If only I could afford one and also have the intelligence to learn how to use it.

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