June 21, 2008 at 11:15 p06 (Travel)


Was in Melaka last week visiting my cousin’s family and their pet Shih Tsu, Mimi. Mimi has been with the family for a long time and is in his golden years already. Partially blind due to cataract but still, when come to food, Mimi’s vison is sharp… especially his favourite candy!!

How come dogs also lick their lips like human beings, or the other way round when come to good food?



  1. Chen said,

    Cos dogs know what is good stuff and they also enjoy eating delicious food. My doggy also does the similar thing when dealing with food 🙂

    4f: look like when come to good food, all creatures, whether 4 or 2 legs, are the same. when are you posting some macro shots with your tamrom 90 macro lens :-p

  2. Leonard said,

    i do this action once in a while, so am i a dog?

    4f: hahaha… let me take a snap and see whether you and mimi look alike!!

  3. Lling said,

    Licking the nose actually, to wet the olfactory for a sharper sense when inhaling that delicious candy while savouring the munch.

    4f: ol’ factory? too bad our tongue is not long enough to reach teh olfactory …

  4. Chen said,

    Might be in few days time. I have taken quite a number of shots lately but didn’t post up.

    I posted some macro shots using tamron SP 90 in my earlier posts, just that i didn’t label or categorized it under tamron SP 90 (cos lazy) 🙂

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