KL Street Scenes

July 1, 2008 at 11:15 p07 (Hobby, Travel) ()

Attended an exhibition in Hotel Istana in the big city of KL last week…

Had a first hand experience of KL famous peak hour traffic jam. A first for me. Getting caught in a jam is not too bad for me as i have my Pentax k100D with my tele lens mounted on it. There are many interesting street scene to “shoot” and i was just as trigger happy to comply. I had a lot of fun but could not say the same of my driver friend.

Yawning…. me too if i were to wait for a bus that seemed to take eternity to come.

“Don’t bang me!” seemed like what the guy was telling the Waja driver! This was actually a poster on a bus, shot at a traffic light junction…

KL has a lot of beautiful post-war buildings with Islamic-influenced architectural features. This photo was shot near the dataran merdeka where Malaysia was declared an independant country many years ago…

there are a lot of sky scrappers too. overall, KL gives me the feeling of a city in a hurry to develop, with the interspersing of sky scrappers and low-rise shop houses have seen better times. for a city that is this well developed, i was struck by the lack of mass public transport option like mass transit rail.

There are a lot of huge in-your-face type of advertising boards in this city touting a myriad of products and services. This one is trying to sell a mobile phone service. The model looks a bit like Eason Chan, the singer, from far, isn’t it?

We were stuck for like an hour and a half in the jam. It was already dusk when we reached PJ, the place i put up while in KL.

That’s all for my first experience in a KL jam. Will not be my last as….

I will be back! I dread the day i have to drive ahhh……



  1. me said,

    never realised kl sky is that colour, eventho i do look up every now and then.

    4f: take a pic of the sky and post next time ok? 🙂

  2. Lling said,

    Great way to occupy time while in a Jam. Calm the nerves too, when you are not in a hurry to catch the plane!

    4f: hahaha… me not driving. still dont know kl route well enough to drive during the peak hour

  3. Chen said,

    One has to be patience when driving in KL…
    The jam is worse during rainy days 🙂

    4f: patience is not a virtue we see often during the jam judging by the incessant honking…

    Although I stayed in KL for 5 years in the past, but I hardly take pictures of KL city cos… there are no digital camera in the past and it’s very expensive to take picture with analog camera 🙂

    4f: KL has a lot of interesting city scape to shoot… but need to be on foot to shoot

  4. Leonard said,

    nice photos!

    4f: hei when are you coming the dslr revolution!!??

  5. LM said,

    Wow, I like the brighter background!

    4f: hei changed long time ago!! thanks for coming back. congrat on your coming wedding1!

    Good to still see some writeups on your blog.

    4f: you are the first one to miss my write-ups muahahaha! OK, will write more in future if time permit…

  6. Mockingbird said,

    Better to take the monorail. Getting stuck in a traffic jam in KL can be a really miserable experience.

    4f: will try that when i got the chance. heard it is very efficient and convenient!

  7. mistipurple said,

    your camera skill getting more and more powderful. must be getting heavier too i guess, lol!

    4f: powderful & heavier ha? misti can lend a shoulder then? hehehe…

  8. happysurfer said,

    So you were enjoying the KL jam, eh? The area around the Istana Hotel is smack in the center of the city and provides lots of photo opportunity. Getting around KL is easy if one is familiar with the public transport system. There is the Star LRT, the Putra LRT and the monorail that operates in the city. There is still a lot of land for development in KL. Welcome back!

    4f: can be my guide when i am in KL next time? i know next to nothing about KL train system.

  9. The Horny Bitch said,

    She really look like eason. Hahah! :p

    4f: you think so too ha?

  10. Tulip Angel said,

    Wellcome to KL. You had try the peak hour taffic jam but please don’t try the peak hour train services. All the trains will be jammed pack like sardine, even getting a ticket is a hassle.

    4f: welcome tulip angel!! after i tried the kl jam, i thought you were going to offer me some kl bread muahahaha…..

  11. Getting Down to Problems of Public Transportations in Klang Valley « The Keyboard Wielding Journalismjess said,

    […] Photo credits to : See Fei […]

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