Singapore Young Photographer Award 2008

July 24, 2008 at 11:15 p07 (Gathering, Hobby, Pics/Photography) ()

Met up with a friend and fellow Pentaxian at the Museum last Saturday. Wee Kiat has just won the Singapore Young Photographer Award 2008 and together with some friends, we were at the museum admiring his works and those of other merit winners. WK has taken up the hobby only two years ago but his talent is so immense he won awards while little bird like pipit can only blog about him!

WK used an entry level K100D, same as pipit, with a 10-20 wide angle lens as his kit lens. His landscape photographs are breathtaking and you can check him out at flicker under the nick of night86mare. He has since upgraded his camera body to K20D and with his price money of $5000, i am sure a few more lenses before he flies off to London after his school holiday ends at September.

For those who are interested in photography or just enjoy beautiful photographs, can drop by the Singapore museum. For those who like to meet him, he will be at Labrador Park this Saturday with some photography buffs to shoot some shorescape and sundown. The meeting is at 4 pm Saturday 26 July 2008, Labrador Park and those interested to join the shoot can leave a message in my comment box.



  1. me said,

    wow!! went thru the photos in flickr. he IS very good. *looking with admiration*

    4f: i can see Wee Kiat got another admirer!!

  2. Mockingbird said,

    $5,000 prize money? Cool! 😀 His shots are absolutely superb. He certainly deserved to win 🙂

    4f: tks on WK behalf!

  3. mistipurple said,

    you will get more and more lens in time to come, lol. expensive hobby hor? haha

    4f: hahaha… lens wise my set-up is the same as miss chen. maybe will upgrade the camera body! will not buy any lens in the near future.

  4. Mockingbird said,

    Such serious photography has been and always will be an expensive hobby. Not everyone can afford it 🙂

    4f: dont get LBA or CBA hahahha…. (lens buying addiction & camera body buying addiction)

    It’s not uncommon for serious photography-buffs to spend up to $30,000 on all their gear.

    4f: you can get a second hand set at $500 now. for $30000 you can get a professional level camera and a trip to shoot lion in Africa hahaha….

    of course if you are as good as WK, you can win some money…

  5. Leonard said,

    all the photographs of Wee Kiat are beyond descriptions…. simply impressive!!

    4f: thanks on WK behalf!!

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