Mayfield Flower Series

July 31, 2008 at 11:15 p07 (Life and its pleasures, Pics/Photography) ()

My first flower series from a friend garden in little island. Bugs and insects are too tough, flowers are a bit easier to shoot. The bokeh is a bit “clouded” as a result from trying to get more depth of field. My friend lives in Mayfield, hence the post name. Will try to learn the name of the flowers next time.

If you know the name of the flowers, please let me know, ok?



  1. Maverick SM said,

    You are now a professional photographer!

    4f: nobody paying me leh… ;-(

  2. mistipurple said,

    can take picture of me and make me beautiful? kakakaka. if you can, you millionaire liao.

    4f: sure can. when do i start? last blogger meeting you didnt allow us to take hor….

  3. mistipurple said,

    btw the flower pics are great. so fine details also can capture. i take back offer of taking my pics. wait pimple become crater.

  4. mistipurple said,

    eek. second comment cannot come out. wait later become spam twice.
    i said i take back offer of taking my pics. don’t want my pimple to become crater.

    4f: dont worry, pimple can be photoshopped!!

  5. mistipurple said,

    haiz. i oso said your flower pics very nice.
    memory shortage. old already.

    4f: no prob. late is better than never, esp flattery hahaha…..

  6. chen said,

    Nice shots.
    I’m equally hopeless with flowers’ names 😛

    4f: kind of frust cos some of the flowers i take are very common…

  7. mistipurple said,

    maybe taking micro pics might make me happier.

    nah. it will just make me broker, and have a bad back. :p

    4f: micro is definitely tough… close up photography more fun!!

  8. LM said,

    ah.. photography! endless pleasures. I would love to do travel and scenic photography.

    4f: it is a good time to start on photography esp if you are newly married. lotsa of memory to record…

  9. Mockingbird said,

    it’s hard to shoot insects because they keep moving about?

  10. cc said,

    Flora shots always make me happy! 🙂

    Hello, first time visiting here. 🙂

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