August 12, 2008 at 11:15 p08 (Random Observations)

Fatique, originally uploaded by See Fei.

End of season fatigue for this great singapore sale shopper…



  1. Mockingbird said,

    The man can’t take it having to tag along with the wife as she browses thru all the bargain items all day long.

    4f: fully agreed!!

    When such a sale comes along, a woman’s walking stamina is nothing short of astounding.

    4f: again fully agreed!

  2. Fantasyflier said,

    Hey that looks like me after a weekend!

    4f: hei you like shopping?

  3. cc said,

    LOL great snap! 🙂

    4f: LOL, my only gain from my wife shopping trip

  4. Lling said,

    A man’s place is anywhere but at the shopping malls fighthing tooth and nail with women shoppers.

    4f: havent you heard of metrosexual male? hehehe…

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