Singapore Garden Festival 2008 Part 2/2

August 31, 2008 at 11:15 p08 (Event, Singapore)

This photographs in this posting were taken at the 4th storey of the exhibition. There was flower arrangement competition, lotsa of orchids from different countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand etc and also winning orchids from previous years.

The flower arrangment competition was still in progress. We didnt know the winner, otherwise would have post here.

 Orchid arrangement…

 Like this unique bunch of orchid. unfortunately didnt note down the name.

 Single bloom, big and imposing…

 UFO like orchid. An eye opener for me…

 A lot of fakey paper orchid is modeled after this one…

So many orchid so little time. For photography buff and flower lovers, this is one show you wont want to miss.

I will be back!!



  1. BierJa said,

    Your blog is very interesting.
    I love Your blog.

    Thank you for Articles.

    4f: thank you. you are welcome!!

  2. Lling said,

    Must have spent quite some time at the exhibition taking all these pictures.

    4f: you are right. 5 hours and late for dinner with missus!!

  3. cc said,

    Spring is here, I look forward to see the blooms. 🙂

    4f: will drop by your blog and see your beautiful posting!!

  4. Mockingbird said,

    Lovely 🙂

    thank you.

  5. ahtak said,

    hhmm … i see some handshake … kekekekeke

    4f: first time ma… thanks for the comment!!

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