MacRitchie Nature Trail

September 21, 2008 at 11:15 p09 (Life and its pleasures) ()

Went for the MacRitchie Reservoir nature trail walk last weekend. It was a hot and tiring 10.6 km walk which took a total of 4.5 hours to complete. As it was my first time, i was totally surprised by the many opportunities for macro and nature photography.

The followings are some of the more interesting shots that i would like to share with my readers here…



  1. wuching said,

    I’ll be totally dead after a few kilometers!

    4f: the trip was totally exhausting but must try. good for working out!

  2. Lling said,

    I think the lingzhi shot was done very tastefully!

  3. The Horny Bitch said,

    Nice nice pics! Are u gonna post F1 cars? Heehee

    I wasn’t at Paddock on Sun. Only on Sat. 😦

    Was at Sg Flyer grandstand on Sun.

  4. mistipurple said,

    i had to take a closer look at incredible hulk, hehe.

  5. Chen said,

    10.6 km walk?

    Nice photos btw 🙂

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