October 17, 2008 at 11:15 p10 (Life and its pleasures, Pics/Photography)

Sunrise….another begining
The begining of a new cycle
The seemingly endless cycle
The cycle of my mundane life
Mundaneness is the base of my life
It is the foundation of my life
From which shiok and spark take flight
Only from the mundaneness of my life
I can enjoy and taste these exceptions
For without mundaneness, life is flat
For without the valley, there is no peak
Life without peak is a life wasted

Thank God It’s Friday, LIFE is BACK!



  1. Mockingbird said,

    Amen. It’s only after having gone thru the dark valleys of life, that we cherish and enjoy the mountain-top experiences.

    But the fact and truth of life is: Most of it is mundane stuff. Mountain top experiences are certainly not everday occurences.

    4f: they are complementary. cant enjoy one without acknowledging the other.

  2. carcar said,

    using Fisheye lens for this shot?

    4f: yup, my new toy!!

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