Tough Time

October 24, 2008 at 11:15 p10 (News & Comments) ()

hard time is coming…
did you upgrade your life and lifestyle during the last 12 months? change your dependable toyota to a bmw? if you havent and have been living the same modest life for the last ten years, guess the coming storm will just blow past you. a friend who lost his investment analyst job yesterday is not too concerned with the lost of rice bowl. in fact he is taking it within his stride and looking forward to a break after twenty years of working…

he will make it through this storm. a working wife and value-driven life somehow will cushion, i am sure, the temporary loss of income. who would imagine the big, strong and friendly banks of big america will go kaput? who would imagine your neighbourhood relationship manager doesnt have your interest at heart? my heart goes out to those aunties and uncles who lost their life long saving to ill-advised investment.

back to my friend. we were supposed to go out for a drink to cheer him up tonite. but he took a rain check as his schedule is full this week with dinner with relatives and family matter. although his bank account will miss a few zeroes from his usual year-end bonus but quality family time will more than make up for it.

if teh tarik is not your cup of tea, it is time to wean off the $20-a-pop long island tea and have a change of taste. the coming crisis is no storm in a tea cup, pardon the pun. this crisis is a perfect storm and will leave more than a few broken firms in the financial world. its effect will permeate the business world and frankly i have never fear so much for my rich bowl.

teh tarik, anyone?



  1. Lling said,

    I wonder why these highly paid gurus of investment/financial analyst/researchers did not see this coming until it Collapsed?

    4f: good morning, you are early today!! my fren saw it coming. he was worried when the news of sub-prime crisis broke. We did sold some of our share holding on his advice. so, i guess the gurus saw it coming too but didnt warn the market, only God knows….

  2. me said,

    seeing that you still have a ‘rich bowl’ i think u have nothing to fear. the rest of us are just stuck with our RICE bowls. kakakkaka *runs for cover*

    4f: not typo wo :-0 this is my blog and i am talking about myself mah…. dont think i can drive anything less than a bmw 😦

  3. Mockingbird said,

    There’s a time for everything. A time to abase and a time to abound.

    Despite Warren Buffet’s immense wealth, he’s been known to be a pretty frugal person in life 🙂

    It’s always good to drive a fuel efficient car like Toyota Axio and Honda Jazz instead of a Hyundai Sonata or Kia Magentis or Kia Sportage 🙂

    4f: I want to “live it up!” and have it all. it feels good even if it is only in your dream!! muahaha….

  4. Mockingbird said,

    Tough times don’t last.

    Time people do.

    Tough people are the ones who can take their drastic loss of income in their stride and adjust their lifestyle accordingly. From living in luxury to living in simplicity 🙂

    4f: it is easier said than done. not when you confuse your want with your need!!

  5. LM said,

    7 years of plenty 7 years of famine.
    somehow these days, people tend to downplay bad news. They say its OK and good when it obviously isn’t so.

    4f: hope not buddy this time round….

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