Child Play

November 11, 2008 at 11:15 p11 (Random Observations) (, , )

We used to run around in “lombong” (disused mining pond) when we were young and occasionally get wet sneaking a swim. The ending to this type of indiscretion was always a whacking from my father as lombong in those days was a dangerous place for kids. The seemingly serene water had claimed many victims but the allure of forbidden fruit was always irresistable, especially to kids with afternoons to kill. Nowadays, kids can get “wet” in the comfort of air-con mall and in the safety of a “dry” fountain under the watchful eyes of their dotting parents.

“Will you play with me?”

Taken at Bugis Junction with a Pentax K20D/10-17 fisheye



  1. twilightzone said,

    What small kid I am? I still jumped and played on this same fountain at Bugis. But your photo is much lovelier.

    4f: I wanted to but my camera is not waterproofed 🙂

  2. Mockingbird said,

    Yaloh. Those big longkang in the 1950s had claimed many drowning victims. My father was almost killed back then during a monsoon rain and he slipped and fell into the rushing water. A passer-by pulled him up just in time. Or else he would be swept to his death, literally.

    4f: These big longkangs are still around hehehe…. but dont worry, got railing now!

  3. Lling said,

    Most memorable for me must be the water splash back in telok Bahang in Penang.

    4f: Any post on this memorable place in your blog? Frankly, never heard of it prior to this….

  4. Lling said,

    Have not visited the place for the last 15 years!!!
    Probably a waterfall no more with all the rapid housing developments in and around the area : (

  5. twilightzone said,

    There is a huge reservoir catchment being built now after Teluk Bahang area. Waterfall is still there.

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