Marina Barrage

November 18, 2008 at 11:15 p11 (Jalan jalan) (, , )

The Pentaxians shooting target for November…. Marina Barrage. Suppose to meet at 4 pm last weekend but was late and so manage to capture a few dusky shots hehehe….

After new water, sea water and now lil dot is converting the Marina Bay into a fresh water reservoir. The Marina Barrage is the gateway that control the water level flowing in/out of the bay. Instead of just a grey static structure, the government is sprucing up the structure with a gallery and some artistic sculptures. Obviously, all these efforts are in anticipation of the influx of the tourist dollars. Come 2010 with the opening of the Garden by the Bay, this concrete structure and the whole Marina South will come to live. This will be my first trip but i will be back. There is just too much to see and shoot here.

#01 Sunset

#02 Pondering the Future



  1. twilightzone said,

    Nice information & photo you have just shared. I humbly say that I’ve flown round the world during my student days. I vote San Francisco and Singapore as the 2 best cities to live!

  2. Lling said,

    Must remember to bring along the camera when I am there some day.

  3. M:ng said,

    was there too, din c u. Felt really tiny agst the skyscrapers backdrop.

  4. me said,

    yr pics are really getting to be very good

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