iPhone the camera

December 4, 2008 at 11:15 p12 (Default)




What i do with my iphone when i am not making call….




  1. mistipurple said,

    haha. a man and his camera in any form.
    interesting angle. *tilts head*

    4f: iphone… anything can but cant forward message or send busines card *sigh*

  2. twilightzone said,

    What a special dizzy effect ! I wonder if i should get myself an iPhone for Christmas too?

    4f: think carefully before leaping. iphone is a lousy phone but a damn good multi-media platform. i wont get one if not compliment from one of the friendly local telcos hahaha!

  3. Chen said,

    All the “distorted” snapshots 😉

    i’m happy with my ipod touch, and love it to the max, but i won’t buy iphone cos… very hard to sms using the touch screen 😛

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