Vivo City

December 8, 2008 at 11:15 p12 (Bloggers Meeting)


It has been raining since morning and i am feeling pretty gloomy and bleak the whole day through…


What a day to send off a visiting fren from KL. Bye Ah Tak! Hope to see you again soon!


Ah Tak, these two shots are from my fisheye since….




  1. LM said,

    eeks, the black and white photos add more to the gloom!
    after the gloom, the bright shining days of low humidity and strong breezes will signal the start of 2009 and the lunar new year!

  2. Lling said,

    Your pictures truly express that gloom and bleakness.

  3. AhTak said,

    Wah ~~~ I like the model in the Second Picture, can arrange for Model shoot ?? kekekekekekekek

  4. carcar said,

    a lil surprise frm 1st photo, i see the green.

  5. seefei said,

    LM: hi! gloomy hah? 2009 dont come so fast, cos a lot of 2008 backlog, can die liddat!!

    Lling: my mood that morning…:-(

    Ah Tak: can, put on a skirt then i will shoot you….

    car2: hahaha… sharp eyes. it is an inverted photo of the shadow of Vivo balcony.

  6. Mockingbird said,

    Your bottom shot sure did convey bleakness, darkness and depression on a cold, wet day :p

  7. mistipurple said,

    like photo exhibition hall here. so classy.

  8. mistipurple said,

    merry christmas, seefei! and a great 2009 with lots of money pouring in! 😀

  9. simple american said,

    Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

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