Momentum in 2009

February 22, 2009 at 11:15 p02 (General Chatter)

2009 is already in its second months but but life is like still lagging behind in 2008. A lot of things started in 2008 that suppose to gain momentum in 2009…. but somehow fizzle out. Maybe it is the proximity of the festive seasons (Xmas & CNY) and from having too much fun in between, that the old engine is having problem restarting now.

I will try harder and let me start with updating my blog. Here is the first post for 2009. It was an event that i witnessed at a neighbourhood mall near my home. The feats that these acrobats performed were so out of this world, i held my breath every times a dangerous stunt was performed. I didnt have my camera that day but luckily the show was on multiple days.

 i went back the next day with my camera to record it…

cant seem to upload the photos but if you visit my flickr account you can see it there. really awesome.



  1. Lling said,

    Glad the engine finally started. I’t s going to be a very tumultuous ride ahead so put the seat belt and hold on tight!!!

  2. mistipurple said,

    wah so effortless the acrobats. can imagine they went through a lot of hardship during training.
    *vrooom vrooom* help your engine continue.

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