West Coast Plaza

March 1, 2009 at 11:15 p03 (Jalan jalan, Pics/Photography) (, )


Ginza Plaza my kampung shopping mall is gone. Once famous for its many massage parlours and hair saloons, the new mall had been renovated and reopened recently….


Feng shui must have played a part as there is a lot of water scape and curvilinear line at the front entrance. Renamed West Coast Plaza, residents at the sleepy West Coast finally have a place to hang out.


Staples F&B outlets like NewYork2, Starbuck, Sushi Tei, Sakae Sushi now filled the new mall. The uncle must had felt disoriented with these new changes. Well, call this development…


The shops spread over 3 storey with a central atrium and may be it is a sign of time, not all lots were taken and there was no crowd during the soft opening.


As with all urban mall, family with kids in tow  from the neighbourhood was a common sight…


At lots that were not taken, the landlord put up giant posters of famous places to cover up the vacancy. Not a bad idea since a lot of shoppers stopped to take photograph in front of these giant posters.


With catchment from the nearby newly built condo, the taste of West Coasters (hahah…) had upgraded. No wonder upmarket “Cold Storage” took over from old  “Shop & Save”.


The neighbourhood aunty and uncle reccing the new environment. But alas, the take up rate of shop lots had been slow as can be seen from the green and red hoarding at the background.


Forgot to mention, there were a lot of spectacle shops in the old mall. Only a handfull is left with some moved over to the HDB shop lots at West Coast market.


This is a new and very welcome addition in West Coast Plaza – money changer!! These guys give good rate and they even deal in Durham. Anyone working in the Emirates can come here to do your money changing.


Development has finally come to the sleepy West Coast. I miss the old shops of the old especially one massage parlour (Xiao Xie) who had relocated to Beauty World but this is life is Singapore. You can expect at least one major changes in your environment every five years.



  1. misti said,

    no one dare to take up shops because once taken, it’s a suicidal spiral down, and only the landlord benefits. because they either sue or you’d need to find another taker to take up the remaining term of the contract, subject to approval.

  2. robin said,

    hey, long time no see.. glad that everything is OK

    was there last week, not many people leh, wonder if they will survive

    i just started my blog on my cats shelter..

    it is


    do visit when u are free.

  3. mistipurple said,

    some new shops are already suffering. after opening for less than 4 months, the cracks have started showing and they are trying to bail out.

  4. paul said,

    hi seefei ! is there anything as a legalise brothel in Singapore? – i mean where you can go and enjoy without fearing of any raid from the authority?

  5. islaverde said,

    SF, it will always be known as ginza plaza in my mind.
    the ginza plaza with the basement fruit stall, the macdonalds…

    now, the place is sparkling new, but everything is kind of beyond reach. so expensive. no food court, only expensive restaurants. hv also blogged about this place.

  6. zmm said,

    So next time if I want to go and take touristy shots, I should go to this place and I would have visited the world already?

  7. Mockingbird said,

    i like suburban malls like West Coast Plaza. Not so crowded 🙂

    Can’t say the same for all suburban malls though. Jurong Point is crowded everyday :p

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