Vivo City

December 8, 2008 at 11:15 p12 (Bloggers Meeting)


It has been raining since morning and i am feeling pretty gloomy and bleak the whole day through…


What a day to send off a visiting fren from KL. Bye Ah Tak! Hope to see you again soon!


Ah Tak, these two shots are from my fisheye since….



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Winn’s New Pet

January 14, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (Bloggers Meeting, Travel, Whining/Bitching/Ranting)

 in the last gathering with bloggers from KL, i had the privilege of sitting facing Winn and came face to face with the beauty & the beast her new pet. you can see her concentration in getting her restless pet to pose for the camera…

 i could see her admiration for her new love….


her dedication is total & absolute as her facial expression tells us all!

now, may i present to you winn’s new pet!








winn “better stop flying around and eat your food…”

beside this little distraction, lunch was good as i got the chance to meet may & nyonya penang (first time), angel, jilo & kenny ng. my only regret was, the meet was too short for me as i got to leave early.

Thank you angel for organising the lunch!!

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Gossip by the River

December 4, 2006 at 11:15 p12 (Bloggers Meeting, Pics/Photography, Random Observations)

Cocka came to collect his prize for the caption contest held some weeks back. we decided to visit boat quay for a makan & some drinking session without the normal entourage…

guess who we saw? we saw car2 in a black body hugging tee… she seemed to be searching for someone. if you are still blur by now where she is, her back is facing you on the right of the above pic! get it?

we were curious and we followed her into a “No Entry except authorised vehicles” backlane. How ironical, no extry,  except this car2!

after emerging from the back lane, we saw car2 talking to a mysterious lady that look like some misty fog… too far couldn’t get a close up!

 car2 talking to the guy in red next to her on her cellphone at the sundanese indonesian restaurant. very secretive ho! why could not talk face to face? must be secret boyfriend!

after the dinner, car2 adjourned to the nearby coffee bean with the guy in red, and was joined by another mysterious lady… a very hiao-looking foxy lady. the mysterious misti one had disappeared by now. wow, a threesome hah?!!

Hei! this is the guy that talked to car2 just now. He was no more wearing red! What happened to his shirt hah? He looked very2 happy sitting next to car2. Wonder what’s their relationship?

the hiao one, again! but car2 didn’t look too happy this time. the hiao one must be the secret gf of her secret bf. omg! show hand already so fast?

to really find out what happened on that fateful evening… you can read here, here, here & here

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sea, breeeze & good company!

October 30, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Bloggers Meeting, Darn Good Food)

 pic from leonard

It is always a good break to meet up with bloggers if my experience over the last three meets were any indication. especially when you have good company like leonard, car2, mother superior  & cocka. we missed the presence of spinnee & hiao auntie who could not make it due to work/study commitment. how we wish you could join us!

dinner was seafood at the east coast seafood centre. can you spot us at the pic above? our table is at the centre. i appreciate the effort & sacrifice put in by those who turned up.

cocka – came all the way from JB. as we finished around midnight, we hope you could catch enough sleep and made it for the early meeting the next day.

car2 – after burning midnight oil for her last paper on the same day, she badly needed her beauty sleep. despite her bit self, this lady still oozed charm & glam in her every move that evening.

leonard – sacrificed a friday nite out with gf. i understand his situation as friday is my family night out too.

mother superior – needed to go home and fetch her daughters to a function before coming over. we were pleasantly surprised that she made it before we finished all the chilli crab despite the crazy peak hour friday traffic.

food glorious food… chilli crab, steamed prawn, vege & bbq fish… we ordered one more fried tauhu but didnt take any photo no space to squeeze it in here. we were given a dose of chinese language by the friendly waiter from mainland china. Mother Superior ordered coke and the waiter asked her,

“red or white?”

we were stunned for a while before we realised the waiter actually meant “classic or diet?”. For the record, MS was not on diet.


the 2nd round was conducted at the east coast coffee bean club. camwhoring & chatting were heavy here… 🙂

Leonard was foaming at the mouth during this session… can someone guess why? the answer is in the last pic of this post

Leonard, you should cool down with the ice tea. Told you not to get overly excited by the foxy & seductive Car2 (background).

do u know that you can tell the character of a person from his/her camwhore style? Read on….

eg1. the artistic type who cant resist beautiful things – Mother Superior shooting the deco on the wall

eg2. the EQ & quiet type – Leonard as he was waiting for car2 & mother superior to finish their session before his camwhore turn

eg3. big, strong and cautious type- Cocka with his firm hand grip & extra safe camera “belt” on his wrist

eg4. perfectionist type- Car2 (background) patience & persistence on that one shot over the coffee glass…

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Dinner Anyone?

October 25, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Bloggers Meeting)

butterfly, originally uploaded by See Fei.

anyone? dinner on friday?

where: east coast seafood centre
time: 730 pm
coming: mother superior, leonard, cocka, car2
not free: robin, misti, mick

humsup jokes not provided, bring your own

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Thank You for the Company!

August 8, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Bloggers Meeting, Singapore)

As you age, your circle of friends go the opposite direction of your girth size… that is as your girth size grows, your circle of friends become less. However, after the bloggers meeting last Thursday, this law of nature can no longer holds true. Although bloggers are friends with no history but hei! who said friendship should be conditional? Bloggers who turned up are Leonard, Mother Superior, Spellbound, Michael & Grace, Robin & 2 frens and our good fren Cocka.

Thank you guys for a wonderful evening and the good company!

For those who did not turn up, hope you can make it for the next round…

Hei Leonard! thank you for the many choices of venue, including one Restoran Todak in JB and your tiredless efforts in rounding up the few of us for this meet… and the photographs taking. I guess you must be hungry cos it turned out you only took all the photographs of the food!!

Spellbound, it was nice knowing you and the wonderful voluntary work you are doing in South Africa. Guess all of us here will miss you when you go back to SA but hope you will keep us all updated on your blog.

Michael & wife, Grace… finally get to meet you guys in person. Mike, you look younger that your blog photo. Maybe it has to do with your blond hair or the beauty sitting next to you…

Robin, our philokopi dog lover… Robin asked, “Glass full or half empty?” Robin, didn’t get your friends name. Can you update us on your blog?

I was very thrilled by Robin’s profound knowledge on dogs. For example, dogs with three layers of hair should and must only be kept in an air-conditioned room all the time and hence not suitable for our climate. The pic in his blog is one such dog and one of the four registered in Singapore!! BTW, siberian husky has only one layer of hair…

Mother Superior, lover of chilli crabs and all things seafood… this pincer is for you!! Hei, next time must extend your visa so we can continue our party in Zouk hor!!

Last but not least, Cocka… the hamsup ONE from JB. We went for happy hours and after a few beers later, i found that his reputation had preceded him. For one that is famous for being hamsup, i find it surprising that his lady blogger frens have no qualm picking up his call in the middle of the night. That is quite unlikely and maybe Lin Peh chastity lock has something to do with it. Courtesy of Cocka, i get to talk to May and Angel on the phone that nite. Although the conversation was short but it was a pleasurable few minutes. I look forward to meet both of you in this coming September in KL!!

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TODAY! – Chilli Crab at Riverwalk Jumbo

August 2, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Bloggers Meeting, Singapore)

Hei! must chap cheng dit (dress up) today! Big meet with fellow bloggers at romantic riverside restaurant “jumbo” at 7.30 pm. This is the 2nd time we are doing this with Mother Superior and Leonard. Too bad flyboy (who was at the 1st meet) is away in Calgary earning bee kim (US$) & can’t join us. Never mind, can read the reports later. We are glad there are more bloggers coming today, especially our special guest, Professor of Yamade, DR COCKA from JB.

 Las Montanas… can you join us?

Here is the Who is Who…

father.jpgmike… can type 60 words per minute shanghailady.jpghoppily happy (flyboy’s fren)… helen long lost sistershagdollblack.jpgfireburn… the angry onehg17281.jpg  spinnee… the dark vampire

71069856_3b43ee21a7_o.jpgrobin… dog lovercocka.jpgcocka – professor of yamade from jb 198120690_5104bbd6bc_m.jpgleonard. our GREAT organisercap_145.jpgspellbound.mysterious lady from South Africa210720062601.jpgmother superior (extreme left)

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Butterflies in the Stomach

April 12, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Bloggers Meeting)

How do you react when you meet someone you share so much over the blogosphere but otherwise a total stranger? Wear your blogger's image or let your true self through or do a combo? Do you call them by their nic or their real name?

I don't know but as with all experiences new, i look forward to it. After a no-hold-bar, messy, all-fingers chilli crabs feast, there is really not much to cover up. The feeling is not unlike the first time i went to see SO. Only this time it is not a do or die mission. Relax lah!

*Taking a deep breath*

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Bloggers Gathering

April 11, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Bloggers Meeting)

Chilli Crab anyone?

Venue: Jumbo Restaurant at East Coast Seafood Centre

Time: 7 pm

Date: Wed 12 April 2006

Confirmed: Mother Superior, Fantasy Flier, Seefei








come direct

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